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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Circular Logic

Circular Logic

Torment - Uncommon
2U - Instant

Counter target spell unless its controller pays 1 for each card in your graveyard.
Madness: U

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 3.20 (8 Reviews)
Limited: 2.93 (7 Reviews)
Reviewed February 11, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



Circular Logic is going to find a home because of it's combo flavor. In a blue deck with lots of ways to discard cards (for advantage) this card is going to be very happy. I think it's really going to make a showing in dual colored decks - especially Pyschatog, Zombie Infestation, and Wild Mongrel type decks. Blue-Green Threshold may be a match for Black-Blue Psychatog... but that remains to be seen.
Block Constructed Rating: Dominant
Constructed Rating: 2
Limited Rating: 2

John B

When played through its mana cost, Circular Logic is often effectively
similar to Rethink.  The fact that it has synergy with many cards,
particularly in the Odessey block (Compulsion is my favorite in this regard),
makes it that much better.  I would expect to see Circular Logic commonplace
in OBC as well as being played in Type 2.  Though not quite spectacular,
definitely a solid card that will help to flesh out a number of decks.


No Review Yet


Circular Logic will certainly find its way into
numerous type 2 decks, despite the argument of there
being better counterspells available.  It has a solid
mechanic usable by many decks, and will be even more
useful in block constructed.  While its madness cost
is a bit confusing, remember that you can discard it
to any effect (Wild Mongrel for example) and then pay
its lessened madness cost for a surprise counterspell.

In limited, it is as solid as any counterspell effect
in the format.  If you feel you like to play with
counterspells in limited, this should suit you fine.
If you doubt their ability to do what you want them
to, this will easily be left out.

Constructed Rating: 3
Limited Rating: 3


I think this card will see more play than people are expecting.  It's a cheap counterspell and is definitely splashable.  It could become a reasonable mainstay in constructed.  It could possibly even me one more tool for those pesky Psychatog decks.

As for limited, there's not a whole lot you can do with this card.  I could see myself passing it up, or even drafting it and it not making the cut in my deck.  However, it is useful.

Constructed: 3.1
Limited: 2


This card is very situational, but fits in Psychatog decks as a counterspell
for U with so many discard options available.  I don't know that I'd include
four of these, but most likely 3.  I'd almost always play it in a limited
environment as its usually going to be a nice Power Sink and is always easy
to cast.  In Constructed a 3, in Limited a 3.5.


Limited *
Constructed **

Yuck.  This card requires thought to come up with a good use for it.  I hate thinking!  =(  Find some cheap instants that allow you to draw/discard (Careful Study?)and this may be an option due to the Madness.   


People play Force Spike because it's good.  It's only good super early.  This card is good later, and in the right deck, is the same mana cost.  Even at 3, it's not horrid.  I'd like to think it's gonna see play, but it might not.  People know it's there.  It's a matter of playing it in a deck that fills the graveyard with at least a few cards early, like things with Sleight of Hand, Obsessive Search, Peek, and Opt.  
In limited, it's always good to counter stuff.  It will be useful at some point.

Constructed: 3
Limited: 4


 Circular Logic is my pick for most played sleeper in this set.  It will see
a lot of play in a lot of decks because it capitalizes off of the speed that
many decks have, which usually involves multitudes of cards going to the
graveyard, and it also can be played as a splash card, because it requires
one blue, a rarity for counters.  So, I give this card a 5, which is perhaps
a little bias because I really like this card.

In limited, no counters are really overpovering, because they are usually in
multiples of one or two at the most, which makes them an unpleasant surprise
at best.  Still, a counter can be devastating when played at the right time
in limited.  Thus, I give this card a 3 in limited, and I'd say that it will
go between 7th and 9th pick.


Limited:***(3 Stars)
Constructed:***^(3 1/2 Stars)

I really like Circular Logic all around.  It's good
since it's a counter in Limited and can be better in
Constructed since you can get things like Psychatog or
Wild Mongrel out more often to make it even better.
Also, it's one of the few good counters left in Type 2
(well, not quite yet, but wait a month).





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