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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Nostalgic Dreams

Nostalgic Dreams

Torment - Rare
GG - Sorcery
Nostaligic Dreams - GG - Sorcery

As an additional cost to play Nostalgic Dreams, discard X cards from your hand
Return X target cards from your graveyard to your hand.  Remove Nostalgic Dreams from the game.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 3.61 (9 Reviews)
Limited: 4.06 (8 Reviews)
Reviewed February 6, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



Nostalgic Dreams is an excellent, well balanced card, that's going to see itself found in a lot of broken, unbalanced decks. Green somehow became the "combo" color (along with blue) and I'm sure someone (like my brother) will find a way to torture the hell out of this card and make it unfair. In limited, this turns excess lands into cards you want to play again, and also helps you put cards into your graveyard that you would prefer to have there.
Recall Rating: I'm sorry, I don't recall.
Limited Rating: 3
Constructed Rating: 3.5

John B

Nostalgic Dreams hasn't impressed me much yet.  I do, however, see potential.  If it gets the right cards (or someone just notices them) that I don't currently see it having, it could become an essential part of a deck, playing a very limited role.  I'm giving it a tentative 2, though ask me in a year or two and it might be a 3 or 4.


This is an excellent card for most any green deck as it lets you recycle cards at a relatively low price. Suddenly extra lands can be Blastoderms or Herd tokens. The casting cost of GG is a fair price to pay to swap cards. Back in the day regrowth was a much played card and suddenly we get to meet his grandson. The card works well in limited for the same reason it works in constructed. It may even be stronger in limited as you will generally not have as many bombs and so using them twice could be devastating to your opponent.
Ratings-Limited 4
            Constructed 3.5
            Chances you will see Dequan Watson play this card 100%  


Nostalgic Dreams seems to be the caliber of card to
pop up in new combo decks.  Its frailty equals its
power.  It has the potential for giving you great card
quality, but it also has the potential for giving you
great card disadvantage. 

In limited, where it has much less of a chance of
getting disrupted, it allows you to use all your best
spells/creatures over again.  How good are the rest of
cards in your deck?  Well, this card is as good as all
the cards you get back combined.

Constructed Rating: 3.5
Limited Rating: 4.5


No Review Yet


Of all the dreams, this is the most playable.  I see it being used in
Extended, Type 1 (almost immediately its going to see restriction like
Recall), and type 2.  It gets back all your bombs in Limited.  The only
disadvantage is that you discard upon announcement.  Oh well, we can't all
be Ancestral Recall.  5 out of 5.


Limited ***
Constructed ***

I guess the key phrase to this card is that the cards you have to discard ARE NOT removed from the game.  This means this whole genre of cards from Torment not only fuel Threshold effects... but they also have excellent synergy with both Madness and Flashback spells.  Don't expect to break this card or even abuse this card if you're not planning on doing Madness tricks or something because there aren't any "broken" cards in this new environment that can truly be abused with good recursion/tudoring/ect. 


Recall is good.  Threshold is good.  Madness is good.  I see a lot of good here.  Getting it countered is a bad thing, but oh well - everything else is good.  It will see constructed play, I am almost sure.
In limited, it's retarded.  They kill fatties, you get fatties back.  Oh, by the way, take 3 and Mr. Walla is on the board. :(

Limited: 5
Constructed: 4.5


Recall for the color that needs it the least.  Come on, green has a lot of
broken stuff, the last thing we need it to see it AGAIN!  At least it
removes from the game, so players won't see it again.  So, I give this
broken card a 5, and whether it will see play or not, which I'm sure it
will, remains to be seen.

In limited, sure, I'll take recursion.  Especially something like this.  I
can't give you an accurate placing in a draft, but it will go fairly early. 
I give it a 5 here also.  I can't really judge this card in limited, but I
do know this, recursion is good, thus I think mass recursion is wonderful.


Limited:***(3 Stars)
Constructed:**^(2 1/2 Stars)

In Limited, I like most Nostalgic Dreams since it
doesn't mess with your Threshold and you can get back
all of those great cards that you used earlier.  I
don't really like it too much in Constructed since you
can put more copies of the same card in so that you
don't have to worry about getting them back as much.
There are also other cards that I think are better at
getting cards back then Nostalgic Dreams.





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