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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day



Invasion - Common
2G - Instant

As an additional cost to play Harrow, sacrifice a land.
Search your library for up to two basic land cards and put them into play.  Then shuffle your library.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 2.76 (9 Reviews)
Limited: 3.19 (8 Reviews)
Reviewed February 5, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



The biggest distinction about Harrow is that it's pretty much Leland Simmon's favorite card, which makes me very happy about reviewing it. I think that Harrow is great in sealed and limited, smoothing out your mana and improving your draws, and that's rarely bad. It can also find a home in Domain based decks, but it's still not a game breaker.
In response to that, I'll Harrow.
Limited: 3
Constructed: 2

John B

A tad bit of mana acceleration with a hefty amount of color fixing, Harrow is a quality card for almost any multicolor deck based in green that has a couple basic lands in its alternate colors.  I'd have a hard time not putting 4 in a type 2 domain deck.  In extended it has to compete with Land Granting duel lands and Yavimaya Elder, among other cards, but in type 2 it's peachy king.


Harrow is a fine utility card in lots of decks particularly in Invasion block and will see a surge into the new type 2 as a mana and color accelerator in some of the new (stupid) combo decks. It's ability to give players 2 different color of mana made it a key card in Invasion block because Invasion finally made 3 and 4 color constructed decks a common sight in both block and type 2 play. It is as strong or stronger in limited where the ability to have 3 or 4 colors can be a tremendous asset. Which brings me to an Event Horizon Invitational story. Last year one of the EHI formats was a draft of all of the Invasion cards. It was done like the NFL draft where everyone got to pick a card at a time but only 1 copy of each was available. I was playing Rick Burton in a Sideboard/WOTC feature match being covered by Alex Shvartsman and my opening hand was crazy with 3 lands, Crosis, Dromar, Harrow and some other mana accelerator. I play turn 3 harrow and Burton counters it not only was I surprised he used his only decent counter, I also thought "OK...It's your funeral buddy". I then proceeded to draw no more land for several turns and thus not only lost but also got to read about it on the Sideboard. So the moral of the story is... Harrow is good, countered Harrow is bad, and getting your face smashed in front of Shvartsman who is writing about your match for millions of readers sucks like suckerson sucks.


Harrow saw a lot of play in IBC, as Domain was a very
dominant deck type within that format.  In type 2, it
still sees play in Domain decks and hardly anything

In limited, it is quite useful as it diversifies your
mana available and thins out your library.

Constructed: 3
Limited: 3


Harrow is decent all around.  I don't mind ever drawing this up in limited.  As a matter of fact, it helps smooth out my colors.  It's not a top pick, but not one you are afraid to have late.  It's got some uses in constructed, but only in some specific decks.  It's a generally good card, but doesn't have a ton of uses, so I will give it a mediocre rating.

Constructed: 2.3
Limited: 2.6


Who would have thought a green instant that gets you land would be a first
pick in draft?  Harrow became one of the best cards in Invasion block
multi-color builds do to its instant mana smoothing ability.  Its a staple
in the Domain decks and possibly the best basic land searcher available.  In
Limited, in a deck that needs more than one or two colors, its easily a 4. 
In Constructed, it only sees play in one deck, so only gets a 2.


Limited ***
Constructed **

NOT fast mana by any means, Harrow is an ideal mana fixer and deck thinner.  Being an instant is very cool as you can respond to your opponents targeted land destruction!  Harrow was a great way to fizzle Capsize back in Tempest block.  Harrow became much more valuable when it was reprinted in Invasion due to the high number of Gold cards printed.  Constructed "Domain" decks owe most of their success to this COTD!


I have always been a fan of running 3 or more colors in a deck.  I love Harrow. :)  Things that fix my mana and accelerates it as well is good in my book.  It has it's constructed niche, though mostly in domain.
In limited, pick it fast in the multi-color heavy Invasion Block environment.  It's a great way to thin out land and make sure you get the colors you need when you need it.

Constructed: 2.5
Limited: 4.25


Harrow is a good card for a lot of decks.  It makes domain a deck to reckon
with, and it helps as a land retriever for many three and four color decks. 
Unfortunately, Harrow is past it's prime in standard.  Much of the format
has reverted back to two colors, thus making the card a waste of space. 
Still, I give it a respectable 4, because it is seeing play in the few
Domain and Rice Snax decks out there, and it saw play in most decks during
the IBC season in '01.

In limited, it was okay, but it wouildn't win games.  I give it only a 2,
because it was a card anyone could afford to not draft, because it got land.
  I'd still, though, say it would go between 7th and 11th pick.


Limited:***^(3 1/2 Stars)
Constructed:***(3 Stars)

In Limited, I can remember first-picking a few of
these in Invasion.  Harrow is so good because it lets
you get a land-drop ahead of your opponent and lets
you splash only a few lands in for an extra color
since the Harrow can go get it.  In Constructed, it's
still pretty good since you can build a good Domain
deck around it and make your opponent actually think
about countering it. 





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