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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Quirion Dryad

Quirion Dryad

Planeshift  - Rare
1G - Creature Dryad - 1/1

Whenever you play a white, blue, black, or red spell, put a +1/+1 counter on Quirion Dryad.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 2.99 (8 Reviews)
Limited: 2.82 (7 Reviews)
Reviewed February 1, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



Quirion Dryad is kind of cool, in a "I like to put counters on my cards" kind of way. I played around with Miracle Grow, and let me tell you, it's a lot of fun to play. This card is GREAT in that deck. In just about every other deck, he's an overcosted weenie.
Plant Food rating: IT keeps growing and growing and growing! Feed me Seymour!
Limited Rating: 2
Constructed Rating: 2

John B

I love this card.  I tried it in IBC with mixed results and a lot of raised eyebrows.  It's considered clutch in a deck that dominated the later part of the Extended season.  This is one of those cards I always wondered why everyone else ignored.  It only costs 2, the cost of a weenie, and often becomes the size of a fattie with very little effort.  Combat tricks too, like using Opt the way some people use Giant Growth.  This time my ideas are confirmed (often they remain untested or are disproved).


Quirion Dryad

I hate to brag but I preordered a bunch of this card prior to Planeshift's release then I sold them like crazy when Alan Comer's amazing Miracle-Gro deck hit the scene (Thanks Alan !). This card is great in the Gro deck but with the advent of so many multi-colored decks (which will only increase with Torment) this card should remain a solid choice for a while. In limited it is also a solid choice but not quite as strong because it's hard to get the right card pool to really turbo power the Dryad. Overall it is one of the best designed cards in Planeshift and the picture sort of looks like Comer.

Constructed 4
Limited 3


Quirion Dryad is quite the craze as of late.
SuperGrow, MiracleGrow, or whatever name it has (my
favorite was called Rogain!) gets bigger with every
color that has some other color than green in its cc.
Combined with blue card drawing and/or quick burn
spells, this could mean that the Dryad can be big
QUICKLY.  While this is a stronger strategy in
limited, it has started to prove its worth in the ever
changing and balanced Standard format as well.

In limited, this is a strong pick, as well.  In
Invasion block limited events, you will often play 2,
3 or more colors.  This means a steady supply of
spells to pump the Dryad.

Constructed: 3.7
Limited: 4


This card is a bit underused right now, because most of the cards that it combos well with don't fit too well into the current metagame.  At least in extended.  It also might be too slow for typ one..  however, I am not a type one expert.  It is still neat to see appear in a deck every once in a while.  Also, we have to take into account that they recently released a foil version of one of these :)

As for limited, well, I have to say tha tI would be willing to pass one up if it came around a draft table.  I could see it's usefulness in some situations, but most likely it is going to end up being just another victim.

Constructed: 2.2
Limited: 1.5


Ahh Miracle Gro, how I love thee.  Miracle-Gro was the deck I took to Grand
Prix Houston.  I loved playing the deck and the "whip lady" brought it all
together.  I liked her so much that she's included in one of my Event
Horizons Invitational decks (which one I'll tell you in a week).  In Limited
she can become very large, although usually not veyr quickly, but is easily
a first pick.  In constructed, she's a monster that must be dealt with. 
Limited a 3.5-4 (depending on the rest of your deck's color scheme) and in
Constructed a 4.


 Limited **
Constructed *

I don't give many 1 star ratings... that should give you a hint as to how
much I disrespect this punk Dryad!  Maybe in past weaker sets this pansy
rare would've seen play... but not in the busty environment that is
Invasion Block!!


I really used to think this card was a complete pile of dung.  Then Alan Comer smacked my ass around with it in Vegas.  Okay, I still won the match, but this thing was still tighter than a pair of 501s two inches too small.  In the right deck (Miracle Gro), the card is awesome.  Another situational card, though, and not real useful outside of growing.  
In limited, it's not bad.  If they don't kill it early, a majority of your spells could make this man a beast.  It's worth playing, though only a 3rd - 5th pick in draft.

Constructed: 3
Limited: 3.5


 No Review yet


 No Review Yet





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