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Fires of Yavimaya 
Invasion Uncommon

Reviewed December 23, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Fires of Yavimaya is poop.

Actually, it's not, but I felt like writing that to get out personal frustrations in my life resulting from not sleeping - like any of you care. :)

Anyway, this card was great for 50% of its life....then Saproling Burst and Blastoderm rotated out, and it kinda stunk.

In extended, I don't see it being used in anything except a weird creature/combo deck.  I don't know of one now, though.

In limited, why the hell not.  Giving everything haste and a pop for +2/+2 is kinda nice.  Plus it's Christmas colors and the little Goblin-looking thingamabobers on the front look like they're gonna poop themselves, so it's pretty cool there.

Constructed (Old-School): 4.5  (Now): 2
Limited: 4
Current Price:
Poop Rating:  Kinda bloody, green and runny.


When I first got into Magic, Invasion was just being released. There was a fantastic Fires deck that ran fast fat green creatures, including Kavu Titan, Jade Leech, Blastoderm and Saproling Burst, along with red burn and other fun stuff. Fires made Blastoderm and Burst amazing, adding a turn to their ability to smash face - a critical extra turn for Blasty, and for one huge hasted whomp with Burst. Opponent's of Fires could NOT let their life total dwindle below 13 and not leave a blocker behind, as a single unblocked "burst" from a burst could do 12 in one turn. Honestly, at the time, it was the deck to measure other decks against. If you came up with something else, you measured it as such: "How does it do against Fires?" If it couldn't hold up, then it didn't matter if it could beat every other deck in the field...Fires was the standard, and if you couldn't take it down, you couldn't win a tourney. 

Unfortunately, Fires lost much of its kick when Masques block rotated, and it now that it too has been relegated to extended, it hasn't found a competitive niche. But still a great card in a fun constructed deck, if you're into Type 1.tabletop.

In limited, it's playable and can really set your opponent on edge... making them hold back on all out assaults since they just can't know what large creature could suddenly hit the board with haste. A decent limited pick.

Constructed: 4

Limited: 4

Judge Bill

Fires of Yavimaya
I tried to do a Christmas/winter type theme this week. We start off with the warm fire that residents of colder climates than mine typically sit around this time of year.
This card saw much play back when it was type 2 legal, and for good reason. Take the effect of Fervor, change one of the colorless mana to green, and give it an extra ability that really fits well in green's theme. Combine this with cards like Saproling Burst and Blastoderm, and you have a quck deck that is capable of killing very quickly.
Unfortunately, though, there are many better and faster strategies in today's extended for this to be a top deck. Also, in the rotation of 2005, you lose all of the good Masques block cards that made Fires work. So we're left with a solid deck with no home.
In limited, you typically played this. The haste factor threw many people's math off, and the ability to make one creature bigger could really mess with the blocking schemes.
Constructed: 3.5
Limited: 4

 Van Zandt

Fires of Yavimaya
Obviously it seems that this card saw it's heyday in block and type 2,  but
when you consider that even in an environment where haste may not have as
big of an impact,  it still does pump your critter,  and this makes it have
a much greater potential (since it is never just mediocre, it is always
worth it's casting cost in damage, and more importantly it isn't dead in
your hand when you draw multiples) than the other haste enchantments. 
Perhaps we'll see it come back eventually.  In limited it's amazing in
almost any deck that supports the colors.  Big creatures can be hard enough
to deal with sometimes,  but when they're swinging towards your head without
any warning,  this card is often a backbreaker.
limited: 3.75
constructed: 3.5

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