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Goblin Piledriver 
Onslaught Rare

Reviewed December 2, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Goblin Piledriver is mostly crap in limited.  Unless you get a great Goblin Draft or REAL lucky sealed, it's just a money rare you opened and can use later.

In constructed, given the right deck, especially with some turn 3 Raging Goblins, it can get ugly.  Swinging for 5 or 7 on turn 3 with this guy is REAL nasty.  With pro blue, he can't be bounced.  If he resolves, it's problems.  A definite play in Goblin Decks.

Constructed: 4.5
Limited: 1.5
Current Price: $5.95


A 1/2 for R1, Goblin Piledriver is a well-costed Goblin with the ability to hit hard or finish off a game. It can come in with one big WHAM after a build-up of a Goblin army, and if your opponent does not have an answer, end of story. Being Pro-Blue certainly helps, as a bounce to this guy is rather disappointing.
Constructed - 4.0
Limited - 3

Judge Bill

An excellent goblin for only 2 mana. First, you get protection from blue, which is the goblins' arch nemesis. Throw in the fact that he gets +2/+0 for each other attacking goblin, and you have an excellent addition to your goblin deck. Unfortunately, though, there is one card that completely shuts this down in type 2: Engineered Plague. Plague keeps the goblin deck, and, by extension, this card, from being as good as it could be.
In limited, it's a solid creature. It's not great, as you typically won't have a lot of goblins to pair with this. But the protection from blue will help a lot.
Constructed: 3.75
Limited: 2.75

Jon Schweppe

Monday - Goblin Piledriver

     A great card. The base for a Goblin deck. Basically, if you get working
quickly, damage from this guy and the rest of the goblins in play can get
REALLY big, REALLY quick. It makes Sligh something you want to play in Type
     In limited, it's pretty good as well, if you can get it. Goblins are
huge in Onslaught sealed, and if you can get this, I'd say play red.

Constructed: 4
Limited: 4.5

Danny Tatro

     One of the better goblins ever made, mainly cause this sucka says PROTECTION FROM BLUE. Let alone this guy can get ridiculously big for casting cost. They should definitely make goblins more playable like this guy in the future. Although it'll never make it past a wild mongrel... that what burn is for if you can clear your self a path. He's definitely going to see his place somewhere... just depends on when the decide to stop printing COP RED and start giving "burn" decks a point.

     In limited... well... he's not exactly worth his casting cost unless you have ALOT of goblins. But comboed with Sparksmiths... but if you can pluralize the fact that you have more than one Sparksmith in draft... I don't know if you should even play this guy cause you probably have better. But hey... it has pro blue... but theres better other than that.

     Sealed this isn't even a playable card since your not going to see enough to play him, and even if you somehow did I still wouldn't play him. He's basically puny SB against a blue deck but solid colored decks in sealed don't exist. Maybe in limited I guess as SB but that's about it as far as he goes here.

Costructed: 3.5
Limited: 1.5
Sealed: 1.0


Monday: Goblin Piledriver

This guy is awesome in Goblin decks. For every other attacking Goblin, it gets pumped up. It also has protection from blue, which makes it harder to get rid of. If not dealed with, it can be a late game threat that's generating a ton of damage. I would expect this to see play in Mono-Red.

In Limited, it's harder to play because it doesn't work good alone. It's only worth it if you can draft a bunch of Goblins, otherwise this is a card for contructed. ;x

Contructed: 4.0
Limited: 2.0

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