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Odyssey Rare

Reviewed December 18, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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The Armageddon in the "right" color.  It's a pretty sad excuse for it, honestly.  Not that great in constructed, especially at costing 5.  There are better cards in the speedy environment.

In limited, where things are slower, you can certainly play this card to your advantage since few people expect mass destruction of land.  Insane if used in game 2 or 3 since they won't see it coming, and they can just lose the match.  If it's not a surprise, it's not THAT good.

Constructed: 2
Limited: 4
Current Price:


Hmm... Uh, I guess you could play this in your threshold Armageddon deck...whatever that is. In constructed, this card isn't seeing any play. If you could work out something that would use the principles of the typical Armageddon type deck (see last week's review on Armageddon), perhaps you'd have something, but you have to throw in the burden of reaching threshold. 

In limited, if you have some kind of strong land destruction theme going, you could include it. But it's best use would be it's surprise factor. Hoard some land, then pull it on them. hehe...

Constructed - 2

Limited - 3

Judge Bill

They try to fix Armageddon and put it into the proper color, and we get this. For a land destruction deck, getting threshold isn't too hard. But it's exactly this deck that would be hurt the most by this card.
You have to find an early advantage, and then go for the throat with this, like you did in so many decks that packed Armageddon. The way decks are going these days, though, I don't really see a deck this would be good in and against. And that's a shame.
Constructed: 3
Limited: 1.5

Danny Tatro

This I believe is one of the most overlooked card in T2 currently. Its geddon! and its T2 legal!!! Unfortunetly the way it reads makes people assume its trash. 4R sorcery: Target opponent sacrifices a land(Ewww you can't even CHOOSE the land!) =(    But... With threshold its geddon.(In a sacrificial way) Most people believe you have to build a deck around a card like this... but I believe cards like this are best used when splashed. Right now I play 2 main deck in my T2 tourney deck(Which shall remain nameless...) And you know what... I always draw into one when I need it. Also its even more playable since the fetchlands help you get threshold. Also in my deck the last thing they think of is me playing this card... especially since I don't play any other red cards or mountains....(hehehe)

     Everytime I play this... I win the game. I don't win more... I just basically say: I like the board as it is, lets keep it that way. Then cast this thing, and within 2-3 turns their so beaten(or dead already) they can't make even the slightest recovery. But I don't have to have it to win... its like upheaval for my deck, but better: Easier to cast and faster to setup(or just cast if your deck naturally sets up for this like mine.)

     In limited its not bad... but its pretty random... I dunno if I would use this unless your sure you'll have threshold and be winning the game. Really hard to setup for in limited.

     In sealed its even harder to use since you can't really make a deck to use it, more than hope to get cards to use it.

     Basically in limited, its just too siuational to be that broken, since if your bold enough to geddon with this, you were either winning already and had a form of breakthru, or were stopping your opponent from playing something next turn. Still... too situational, and the situation never really calls for this card. Its just winning more basically.

Constructed: 3.5
Limited: 1.5
Sealed: 1.5

 Van Zandt

Armageddon for 1 more mana, the downside being you have to have threshold,
which means it won't get played on fifth turn like you'd want it to. An
excellent burning wish target though, and good in limited still, not only
for being an armageddon, but also as land kill earlier on.




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