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Psychic Vortex 
Weatherlight Rare

Reviewed December 17, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Mirage block qualifier - Psychic Stairwell runs wild at a qualifier in Houston and would have won it all if it hadn't been for a lucky Lava Storm.  Eh - whatever.

The card has combo uses.  Maybe something with this and exploration to let you regain land advantage.  If you don't combo it with something, you lose more advantage than you gain.

In limited, it's insane.  Hold on to it for about 4-5 turns and the game is yours.  I would definitely play this.  The card advantage is STUPIDLY good.

Constructed: 1.5
Limited: 5
Current Price:


Okay, I had never even heard of this card until about 3 nights ago. Scott and I were talking about weird Magic combos, and he brought up one that he used in Mirage block; Psychic Vortex and Tombstone Stairwell. So I was pretty surprised when it showed up as a Card of the Day pick. Where in the world Danny came up with this one is beyond me, but what the heck.

Obviously, the only way you'd play this card in constructed is in some kind of combo deck. Other than with the Stairwell, I have no idea what you could come up with, but Blue players seem to have a knack for really sick combo ideas, so I'll leave the brainstorming up to them. My opinion on the card: Whatever. I hate blue on principle.

In limited: I guess card draw is never bad in limited. But watch your deck size.

Constructed - 1

Limited - 2.5

Judge Bill

An interesting card. We see part of the effect on Grafted Skullcap, without having to sac a land and only drawing a constant one more per turn. This card, though, is in both the right and the wrong color. The right color, because card drawing like this is blue's staple. The wrong color, because blue can't really ever afford to have an empty hand. The drawback of the empty hand is much too severe for blue to overcome.
Constructed: 1.5 (minor combo potential)
Limited: 2 (playing this gives you a few extra cards, then you can refuse to "pay" the cumulative upkeep when you've had enough.)

 Van Zandt

Psychic Vortex
I've actually played with this card, another blue "for fun" card, but it
does provide a large amount of card drawing and will quickly put an absurd
amount of cards in your graveyard. It would take a very specific deck to be
useful in it though. Far more interesting in limited, allowing you to
refuel your hand 3-6 turns in a row, giving a potentially huge advantage.
constructed- 2
limited- 3.75

Danny Tatro

     This card had a brokenly good cumlative upkeep, and the discard your hand, sac a land thing isn't so bad a drawback. but its casting cost is just one too many. maybe if its was 1UU or 2U it would be easier use... definetly a underlooked rare. Maybe it could combo with madness. Dump things like glory, wonder... you get the picture. But all in all its probably just too random an effect to be seriously used. Most likely since its 4 mana double blue. And enchantments are easy to get rid of, especailly slow ones... but after its been out for "X" turns you get 2 cards... then 3 cards... then 4... since you draw for your turn too. Also the drawback is easily sufficed since your gunna draw into pland and be able to play one each turn easy.

In the end its just not well balanced enough to ever be played... awwwww. Maybe in a fun deck though! =)

Limited... YOU PLAY THIS THING. Insane card advantage is never a bad thing.

Sealed: YES JUST AS GOOD BUT EVEN BETTER. More creatures and spells = You win. Cause sealed has less of those things...

Constructed: 2.5 (If its not removed fast... you practically get a auto win.)
Limited: 5 , Godly good!
Sealed: 5 , This is like super saiyan level 99 in sealed.



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