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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Ice Cave 
Apocalypse Rare

Reviewed December 16, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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I like the concept behind the card - it's just not real good in practice.  Too hard to counter what you'll need to without getting your own things countered.  I'd say I'm sure there is a deck for it, but it's come in and out of type 2 - don't think there is.

In limited, it's wasted space. :(

Constructed: 2
Limited: 1
Current Price:


Ice Cave is a card that I've always wanted to make a fun deck with. Yeah, I know it's crap, but I still think you could make a wacky kick arse casual countering deck with it if you used Pulse of Llanowar, Birds, City of Brass, etc. But apart from in my sick fantasies, this card just cannot hold up in the real world competitive environment. In a fun deck, you could probably make something up that would just freak your opponent out, though. Bet he'd have to pick up your Ice Cave and read it..."What the...."  Actually, I'm a big proponent of creative fun decks. Just don't take Ice Cave to a Pro-Tour Qualifier with you. ;) 

In limited, this poor thing would be even worse. Unless you happen upon some things to make your mana produce any color early, this isn't even a mid-pack pick. It's poopy.

Constructed - 1.5

Limited - 1 

Judge Bill

An interesting card. The theory behind this card is, if you can produce all 5 types of mana, then you can pretty much counter everything you want. Don't just throw this in your mono-blue deck, though, as one guy did against me. The effect works for both players. So if they can pay the mana cost of your card, your card is countered. This balance really makes this card suck. I wouldn't play it in any format.
All formats: 1


This isn't a bad card. Thing is, you have to play the color they are
playing to make it effective. And you have to have the mana available.

The card is really only good late game, when you have tons of mana to
spare. Then, if you can somehow squeak in a bomb AND manage to have the mana to counter their bomb, it's pretty good. Overall, this card is meant for
sideboard in my opinion. Don't maindeck this because it's pointless if you
are going against a color that isn't your own... unless you play a few City
of Brass or something.

Constructed: 2
Limited: 2

Danny Tatro

This week we look at cards that were out of the ordinary bad rares, or just interesting ideas. Some of this week were even underlooked... but mostly, *neat crap rares*
     This is how they should make bad rares. Impossible to become really viable, but interesting to use. This basically says if you have lots of mana of every color, your opponent can't play spells. I heard spells were a good thing to cast too...

     Unfortunetly it costs 3UU and is a easy to remove enchantment. And you have to have ANY color mana at your disposal... But with land bounce, and things like Aven Fogbringer for a win condition, and Hoodwink for more slow down, you can win the game without your opponent playing more than 2 land. But its all in the luck of the draw.

When IPA was T2 legal I had a old "fun" deck with this... thats why I chose it. In the year 2005 ext you may just see me playing this again since Aven Fogbringer was made... so far theres alot of nice LB cards for this in the newer sets. I can't wait till 2005! =D  

This kind of deck looks really good when its winning, and looks mentally retarded when its losing.

Constructed: 1.5
Limited: 1.0
Sealed: 1.0


Ice Caves
More of a "for fun" card, mostly due to it's casting cost, which is good
because otherwise it might see play, and it could be a very annoying card
if it did, with a couple of birds of paradise/multi colored lands to power
it. In limited, you could consider siding it in, and playing it whenever
you have a good board advantage to lock up the game, but it's not a main
deck card.
constructed- 2
limited- 2.5

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