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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Reviewed August 27, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Mortivore is a card that tends to play out better than he looks like he
should. I have seen his ability to regenerate and be pumped by the
graveyard make him a dominant creature in many a limited game. I would
always take this guy in a heavy black limited deck. Constructed is a little
different story. Currently black has so many great 4 drops that Mortivore
will not usually be the creature of choice (See, Braids, Butcher, Shambling
Swarm, etc). However in the right deck (one that kills lots of creatures) he
can be a dominator.



A really interesting card. One would want to build a deck around this card
in order to make it work properly. (Black has a tendency to remove it's own
graveyard.) In the right deck, however, it could work very, very well. I
think that it would also be very interesting and fun in a limited



This is the perfect example of a card with unlimited potential, and no deck to put him in.  The card is pretty ridiculous for what he does, but just never seems to make the cut due to powerhouses like Nantuko Shade, Braids, and more.  Even comboing him with cards like Buried Alive isn't good enough when good 'ole Balthor can do one better by bringing them back.

In limited, it's an freakin' monster.  God he's almost impossible to deal with and he will wreck your day real fast.

Constructed - 3
Limited - 4.5
Current Price - $3.70


Limited: 3 1/2
Constructed: 1 1/2

I can't really remember ever picking Mortivore or seeing it in limited, but I assume that it's not too horrible.  That is, in the right conditions.  I just hate taking conditional cards.  In Constructed, I'd rather play Balthor.dec or Nantuko Shade instead of this guy.  For fun decks, I assume he could be pretty huge.  Just think: 4 Entombs, 4 Buried Alive...  Sorry about that.

Judge Bill

A new twist on Revenant on the original, Lhurgoyf. In the color it should be in, since black is the color that deals with this type stuff. However, this is only good late game, when a bunch of stuff has gotten killed already. I've played it, but I wasn't impressed. It doesn't seem to really fit in any deck.

In limited, however, this is a great card, as it becomes unbearable as creatures die. Play it if you're going black.

Constructed: 2.2
Limited: 4


Mortivore is the best of the Llurgoyfs of Odyssey.  It capitalizes off of creatures in the graveyard, which is a very common experience in in Type II and block right now.  Mortivore has the potential to be very devastating, because he regenerates, and he can be really really big.  In constructed, even early in the game sometimes, he is a house, and often supplemented with stuff that can die, thus protecting him somewhat from Edict.  A 3.5 in constructed.

In limited, think about it:  You usually run 14 to 18 creatures in a deck.  Your creatures die often, especially those little sac creatures like Dedicated Martyr.  Playing this guy wins the game.  It's self explanatory, a 4 in limited.

Fletcher Peatross

A regenerating Goyf is not something to sneeze at. He hasn't seen much play in Constructed as there are some decks that play almost no creatures. He's a definate first pick in Limited though. Limited a 4.5 Constructed a 3.


Mortivore is a nice card, but one that will rarely see play in today's world of type 2. There's not enough justification for a creature that can't do squat against Tog, and will get tapped down by opposition. Maybe back in the day...

Limited: 4

Constrcted: 3


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