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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

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7th Edition

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: *.** (* Reviews)
Limited: *.** (* Reviews)
Reviewed August 19, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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This Week's Card Selector

Although I am no friend of combo/lock decks, I find the sheer number of
ways this card has been used make it one of the most fun and interesting
cards ever printed.  I have seen it used with elves, birds, merfolk,
squirrels, but sadly never goblins :(  With all this variety I think it
would be a good candidate for 8th edition.  In limited it is not very
useful because it is hard to get enough permanents to make it truly viable.

Constructed: 4.25
Limited: 2.0  






Opposition has been a dominant card from the day it was released.  Icy Manipulators coming in the form of Squirrels, Fish, and whatever else form they want is amazing.  At a time when I was basically dormant in magic my roommate at the time (now, up an coming PT Regular Jonathan Pechon) handed me a deck with Deranged Hermit and Opposition when I wanted to play in a random Mox tournament.  With no practice, I walked with Jewelery.  The card is that good.  The deck is that good.  It's also a LOT of fun. :)

In limited, it's just as good.  Take a blue deck.  Add opposition.  Add 16+ critters.  If you draw opposition, you usually win.

As far as 8th edition goes, without the somewhat combolicious Static Orb being printed, the card loses some inherent power, but is still very solid and I would like to see what it could do in 8th edition.

Constructed - 4.5
Limited - 4.5
Current Price - $6.20 in Destiny, $5.20 in 7th Edition


This is the cornerstone of the Squirrel Prison deck -
and thats about it. However, there are many ways to
make lots of token in the Odyssey block so the deck
may make a comeback. It gets a 3 in constructed.

This card is far better in limited. You could tap a
small creature to stop a much larger creature from
attacking. When you go for the kill, the same small
creature could tap a potential blocker to let more of
your creatures through. Also, its less likely to be
disenchanted in limited. I'll give it a 4.

Should it be in 8th? Why not!? It was in 7th so
wizards obviously think its an appropriate card for
the basic set and reprinting it might revive a lost
deck archetype.

Judge Bill

A great card for both limited and constructed. The ability to tap down your
opponent's best creature with one of yours gives you time to be able to take
control of the board and win, I t also helps that you can tap a land also,
making your opponent unable to cast spells. Combine with Static Orb for
greater efficiency.

In limited, I would definately play this if I got it. Even though this card
has to stand on its own, it is easily able to take control of the board for
the win. Play it if you have it.

Constructed: 4.5
Limited: 5

Since Static Orb isn't in 8th Edition, the power this card has is less.
However, it has, and would continue to make a good card all on its own. I
would like to see it stick around.


Opposition makes every creature, even a 1/1 for 9 a 'good card'.  Its now an
Icy Manipulator.  In Constructed its as good as the deck that's built around
it.  This plus a continuous source of creatures makes for really bad times
for everything that's not pro-blue.  In limited this is truly a bomb and
would always lead me to play blue.  4 in Constructed, 4.5 in Limited.


Clearly one of the most impactful cards in standard, opposition is powerful
and threatening.  An excellent addition to Blue/Green, Opposition is the
root of many of the best decks in the format.  Squirrel Nest is the card
that makes Opposition as great as it is putting it over the top as a way to
violate the rules of card advantage and tempo, at the price of tapping
creatures.  I believe that Opposition is an important part of standard, and
though it is practically broken, I think it should be reprinted.  A 4.5 in
standard, a 4 in limited.


Opposition is one of the core cards defining Type II right now.  It is
dangerous in the fact that it can control anything, using anything that
can produce a lot of either tokens or weenies (see ALL the versions of
Squirrel Opposition and Merfolk Opposition from last year.)  In
constructed right now, it is a deciding factor for type II, and not
really on the map, but still there in Extended, and gets a 4.

In limited, slow down the opponent, and can help you get your fatties
through.  I'd take it first if I were playing blue.  A 4 here too.

As for Opposition being in 8th Edition, I think it's too dangerous for
the format.  I saw how people abused Tangle Wire, and Type II players
now are getting a first hand view of how to abuse something 3x better
than that (if they didn't back when Destiny was T II legal.)  I
personally don't want to see it again, but many opinions are going to
conflict with me.  If it does get reprinted, it will only get better,
because it will have a whole supporting cast from Odyssey, plus what
ever it gains from Onslaught block.

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