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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

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Tarnished Citadel
Odyssey - Rare

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 2.02 (10 Reviews)
Limited: 2.10 (10 Reviews)
Reviewed August 9, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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This Week's Card Selector

Limited **
Constructed **

Wizards has made a commitment to printing lots of "dual lands" to support multi-color decks... I don't think there's any good reason to play this in constructed.

I'd play this in Limited if I was risking a 3 color or more build... although I rarely like being forced to play that many colors.

Andrew Chapman

This card won't see play in standard as long as all the painlands/City of Brass are in the format. In OBC, however, I can understand why it gets played. A main concern in any block is getting a healthy mana base. Though at a large cost, this card helps with that. Of course, you coulc be playing mono-black...

In Limited, this does help straighten out your mana. If you are so compelled to play 3 or more colors, then you might find this helpful. Otherwise, see my instructions for Catalyst Stone.

Constructed: 1.5 (2.5 in OBC)
Limited: 2


Friday - Yeah, I've seen Tarnished Citadel in OBC decks.  And I still wonder
why.  It's not that good of a card, and the environment can be quite
explosive - way too explosive for three+ color decks.  And those are the
only decks I really the Citadel in.  In any other constructed format,
including Five Color, there are better lands to choose from.  And in
limited, its usefulness is quite the "limit"ing factor.

Constructed - 2
Limited - 1.2



The card has a place.  That's about all I can say.  In three-color OBC, what's worse - not seeing the color you need, or taking 3 damage.  Heck, I know many times I would have given half my life for 1 mana of a color.  Three damage does suck, but running 1, maybe 2 in a three-color OBC deck is a good smoother.  Just hope you never HAVE to use it.

In limited, kind of the same principle.  You just hate to be without mana.  The cost sucks, but sometimes, you gotta grin and bear it.

Constructed - 3
Limited - 3
Current Price - $2.95


Try as I might, I can't get too excited about this
card. If you draw it too early, you'll need to tap it
so many times for coloured mana, that it will
significantly damage you. If you draw it to late, you
will be more likely to already have access to your
coloured mana producers.

In constructed I can't think of any situation where
the citadel would be more useful than city of brass or
birds of paradise. However, OBC is a little bit
starved of lands that can produce two types of mana
unless you play black (to get the tainted lands). I
still don't think its that good though - a 2 in

In limited, the citadel could help you avoid colour
screw: the extra aggression this could give you (by
allowing you to cast your spells as soon as
possible)could win you the game. A 3 in limited


On the surface this looks like a good alternative to City of Brass, but the
3 damage is so heavy that its almost unplayable.  Almost, because it was the
saving grace in the PT Osaka winning deck.  In a deck I'd probably not play
more than 2.  In limited, I doubt I'd ever play it unless I was having to
play 3 colors or more.  Constructed a 2, Limited a 1.5.



OK kids back in the day we had a card called City of Brass, in fact we still do. You could tap it for 1 mana of any color and take 1 point of damage. Now they give us this crap instead. So now you bolt yourself for 1 any color and to me that is just too high a cost to pay. Take my advice and leave this card out, use filter lands or anything else ahead of this dog. Rating



Lacking in power and highly harmful, the Citadel is not particularly strong.
I see no use for it in constructed, where I give it a 1, considering it
directly contradicts good tempo.  A 2 in limited because it has some uses
and provides mana versatility.

Judge Bill

The Odyssey block City of Brass. Its advantage over City of Brass is that
you can tap it for colorless mana for free. Its disadvantage is that you
take 3 if you tap it for a colored mana. It can be useful for one or two
uses, but beyond that, it gets too painful to use. Therefore, I typically
won't play more than 2 of these in a deck, and only in block. Outside of
block, there are other, more palatable choices, whether it be City of Brass
in type 2, or many other 5 color lands in other formats.

In limited, the same applies. In limited, however, you are more likely to
only need one or two uses out of this, so I'd usually play it, as it smooths
your mana for your splash color.

Constructed: 2.3 (3.5 in OBC)
Limited: 3.3






Fletcher and I can't decide whether or not this card is worth playing, even though you need to smoothe your mana in Block contructed. I think the truth is that well, 3 damage is a LOT to be taking to do that.

Limited: 2
Constructed: 2


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