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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Catalyst Stone
Judgment - Rare

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 2.40 (10 Reviews)
Limited: 1.47 (10 Reviews)
Reviewed August 8, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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This Week's Card Selector

limited **
constructed ***

To justify Catalyst Stone in limited you better have several Flashback spells in your deck.  If you can do this you will more than likely one heckuva draft/sealed deck.  A great way to speed up the flashing of your spells while slowing your opponent from using Flashback at the same time.

In constructed I see this as a sideboard in most OBC builds and really not necessary in most other formats.  Even in OBC I think Catalyst Stone is just a sideboard card (granted a very good one) because there are several key decks that don't care if you increase their flashback cost 'cause they don't rely heavily on flashback!

Andrew Chapman

Oh my, here's a funny one. There is no way this card should be seeing constructed play, though I would have to say it was designed for it. However, the fact that it may be played in a small majority of decks is enough to warrant it seeing play in more. Maybe if we would all just forget about it, it would just go away. 

In Limited, this thing is simple. Do you have a lot of flashback cards that yer playing? If so, you MIGHT consider playing it. Otherwise, stick this rare in a grab bag and sell it on eBay.

Constructed: 1.5 (2 in OBC)
Limited: 2


Thursday – I’ve got to be honest – I love seeing a former crap rare advance to playability. Catalyst Stones have become another block-defining card as flashback grew past a –pardon the pun – “flashpoint.” Stones have become a vital part of both helping yourself and harming your opponent. Of course, outside of Odyssey Block, they will never see much play. 

In limited its  barely a sideboard card. Five Color might be more able to abuse it, although the likely restriction of Quiet Speculation will limit that possibility, and probably, eliminate it altogether from the format. 

Constructed – 2.5
Limited – 1.2



An interesting card against quiet-roar.  It slows them down to normal pace, while allowing you to kick off some stuff even quicker, like, well, your own roars.  Against mono-black, it's not very useful since their only flashback spell is Chainer's Edict, and usually by the time they can flash it, they have a stupid amount of mana anyway.  There might be a way to abuse a card with such potential - I just don't know it yet.
In limited it does little good to you - you're better off not playing it main, and only bringing it in if you are heavy flashback and so are they.
Constructed: 3
Limited: 1.5
Current Price:  $2.45


There are a few possibilities for catalyst stone in a constructed deck. The first that spring to mind are: 

1. Some sort of green deck with "flashback creatures" like call of the herd.

2. A counter-burn deck that uses firebolts for creature control and a few Scorching missiles to burn out your opponent.

3. Some sort deck based around Recoup. Its not a bad constructed card, even if it only works well in a few decks - a 3 in constructed.

This card is mediocre at best in limited and I'd rather have a mediocre creature or removal spell than a mediocre artifact - a 2 in Limited


Basically worthless in Limited, this card can really shine in OBC as an excellent mana boost as well as a very disruptive card to your opponent. In a field of many Quiet Speculation decks, four of these would make excellent additions to the main deck or sideboard. I don't see it having much play in any other format though. Limited a 1, Constructed a 3.



In OBC this card fits into a couple of decks, particularly the G/U Quiet Roar type deck, and it is pretty solid in those decks. Once we are out of OBC block I don't see this card as much good except maybe as a sideboard choice. This is because it's focus is just too narrow (changing flashback costs)to be a big difference in T2. In limited it is almost worthless as there is really very little chance to draw your one copy of this in a way to make the few flashback spells you are likely to have significantly better.


Constructed-2 (higher in OBC)


Catalyst Stone is reasonably powerful. When used in blue/green builds, it makes Roar of the Wurm and Call of the Herd even more powerful, helps Deep Analysis, and overall is fairly good against other decks, making opposing (including identical) flashback cards cost more. However, casting catalyst stone takes up the turn two time slot when you could have played a Wild Mongrel or Merfolk Looter. In OBC, this card is considerably better, as the emphasis on flashback is higher (Chainer's Edict, Firebolt). A 2.5 in constructed, a 1 in limited.

Judge Bill

Who would have thought when this card was printed that it might be a good card for your block decks? Now, with Quiet Roar all the rage, people are starting to use this as a countermeasure for the mirror match. Granted, I still don't think it's very good, but it's got its uses.

In limited, however, this is complete and utter crap. To be any good in limiter, a card has to either be a creature or mess around with creatures, typically. And this really does neither. 

Constructed: 2
Limited: 1






I think this card is overrated - but it does something that other cards DON'T do, and that's advance your mana (in a weird way). There aren't any good mana creatures to play, there aren't any good mana artifacts, and that means you end up playing crappy stuff like Catalyst Stone to give you an advantage in quickness.

Limited: 1
Constructed: 2



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