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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Judgement - Uncommon

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 3.56 (9 Reviews)
Limited: 3.42 (9 Reviews)
Reviewed August 5, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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This Week's Card Selector

Limited **
Constructed ****

Let me make this clear, Browbeat is not even close to being bad in constructed.  It's not making much of a showing in OBC currently becuase the rest of the red cards in the set suck. 

Not only that, the OBC environment is savagely geared twords beatdown.  More so than any other environment I can recall.  There is no combo deck to speak of, and there's only one control deck out there.  Browbeat will work best in a slower environment, right now in OBC your opponent will laugh at you when they have 2 6/6 flying wurms and all you can do is cast a Browbeat that can't affect the board at all.

In a different environment, Browbeat will get the chance to shine.

Andrew Chapman


Browbeat is the best red card printed since
Flametongue Kavu, and it may even surpass that.  I
know that is a bold statement to make, but I will
defend it just as boldly.  This card is highly
underplayed, and I believe its day in the sun is still
coming.  For some reason, this card makes sense more
than the other punisher cards.

In Limited, this may not be as useful, but it is still
great.  If played in a fast R/G type of deck, it may
be just as good as in constructed, but either way this
is still a winner.  Now a top pick though as it isn't
a game winner by itself.  Be looking for this about
2nd or 3rd.

Constructed: 4
Limited: 4


Browbeat is the kind of card that has a very narrow purpose, but is quite
good in its role.  Its use is confined to fast decks that can exert a lot of
pressure early, but need that little extra to keep going.  So decks like
Sligh or R/G can really use a Browbeat.  However, if pressure is less
likely, then it starts to dwindle in usefulness.  So in limited, for
example, while still good, it's not quite as good.  And in Five Color, where
the sheer randomness of 250 cards hurts the ability to reliably come out of
the gates quickly, the card also lacks the proper punch.

Constructed - 3.5
Limited - 2.5



Okay - the card is retarded.  In OBC, there IS a punisher deck that is fairly solid (IMHO) with this and other cards.  If they take 5, great - they're that much closer to dying.  If they let you draw cards, great - they're that much closer to dying.  Either way, it's bad for them.  This probably should have been cost at 4 to make it a little less broken.
It's not that great in T2 right now, but that's not to say it won't be later.
In Extended, this is amazing in the SRB (Stupid Red Burn) deck.  Opponents will HATE you drawing cards no matter what, and certainly will hate taking 5.  

In limited, if you have it, play it.  Either effect is good.

Constructed - 4.5
Limited - 4
Current Price - $1.95


I was a little concerned when I saw the punisher cards
for the first time. The ones like blazing salvo and
lava blister are in character for red, but a crad liek
browbeat (the red concentrate) just seems unfair.

In an aggressive constructed deck, this card played
around turn 4 or 5 could spell doom for your opponent.
They may well not want to take the damage (as this
could put them in firebolt range), so you get 3 new
cards, something red should not be able to do. Also,
Browbeat seems designed to screw control decks that
rely on card advantage. A 4 in constructed.

In limited, dealing damage is good, drawing cards is
good, so this card is really good - a 4.

The only thing worse than this card would be a
punisher wrath of god. Oh wait...


Lets see.  Lava Axe, 5 mana, five damage.  Browbeat, 3 mana, 5 damage.  I
played Lava Axe and its decent in limited.  Browbeat is suprisingly not as
good.  The entire format is different.  Red is so bad that the creatures you
have already down on the field are not going to be able to hold up their end
of this 'bargain'.  In constructed, I have not seen its usefulness yet, but
it could be very powerful.



Where was this card when red was allowed to have really good instant burn ? Many times I wished for a way to reload burn and there was none. Today this card is ok in the red decks, the decks just aren't that good so far. In limited I would always play it when red is a color I'm using. Overall a good card today that would have been 5 stars 2-3 years ago.
Constructed-3.5 (if only it had a deck to be in)

Judge Bill

A good card to help the SRB (stupid red burn - basically a deck with a lot of direct damage) strategy out. Your opponent can either give you three cards, or take 5 damage. Most of the time it is 5 damage, and that's great for 3 mana.
It is even splashable, as it only has one red mana in its casting cost. Could give a wide variety of mages fits deciding which is worse... the 5 damage or the 3 cards. Again, most of the time, your opponent will be taking 5, so keep that in mind.
In limited, this is basically a Lava Axe for 2 less. The possibility increases that they'll let you have the cards, and I think you'll find that's just fine too most of the time.
Note: If it is coming down to a decking war, target them.
Constructed: 3.5
Limited: 4


I'm not really for or against Browbeat.  I have seen some instances in Odyssey Block Constructed where it has shown some promise.  However, sometimes it's still hard to tell if it really helps the decks that it's in or not.  I remember when it first came out, we all thought it was going to be great.

I'd assume you go ahead and take it in limited and take advantage of the extra damage.  There are less ways to deal with large damage in limited, and sometimes the five damage can be huge.

Constructed: 3 (maybe more)
Limited: 3


Browbeat is a fun card that I love to play with. I'll usually say "can I AXE
you a question? Can I draw 3 cards?" and they just write down their new,
lower, life total. Red is fun.

Limited: 3
Constructed: 3

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