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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Serra Angel

Serra Angel

3WW, Summon Angel 4/4, 
Attacking does not cause Serra 
Angel to tap

Pojo's Average Rating: 3.80
Reviewed Nov. 28, 2001

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Serra Angel.  At one point, this creature was a mainstay in virtually every kill-based Control deck.  At a 5CC 4/4 flier, it's a bargain all by itself. Add in the ability that it does not tap to attack, you have an incredible powerhouse that was able to stay away from most burn based spells, while being both an offensive and defensive threat at the same time.  Many people still feel Serra to be an incredible kill card in mono-white aggro decks, or even some blue/white control versions.  Unfortunately, the field has changed somewhat in today's environment.  Serra has been replaced by Morphling in extended, t1.5, and t1 control, and by either Mahamotti Djinn or Amugaba in t2 control.  Even the archetype of  U/W control is not as powerful as it once was.  In aggro decks, small and pumpable seems to be the wave in virtually every environment, using small creatres and enhancements like Crusade, Glorious Anthem, and Divine Sacrament.  This, unfortunately, leaves Serra mostly out of the picture, with the 5CC being a little too steep and unstable for those decks.  Add into the equation the existence of Flametongue Kavu, who can not only take down the Serra Angel at a 4CC, but also be there as a 4/2, it makes the card just too unstable to play in the environment today.  I think with the rotation out of Flametongue Kavu in about a year, Serra may make a resurgence, since it is cheaper than both of the other two Monsters used in t2 play today, but, for now, they're great trade bait for the kiddies. 

Old Constructed (t1 - t1.x) Environmental Rating: 3.5
New Constructed (t2) Environmental Rating: 3.0
Limited Rating: 4.5
Overall non-environmental strength: 4.0

Final Card Rating: 3.75


I would give Serra Angel a 3.  Had you asked me this question about 2 or 3 years ago, I would definitely have givin' it a 4, possibly even a 5.  Serra Angel is a solid creature, but right now, there are a solid amount of good fliers.  Also, the removal spells are much stronger now than when the Serra Angel was in its prime.  Another factor that contributes to the Serra Angel not being played is the existence of Flametongue Kavu.  It hurts to pay five mana and then have it just stopped cold by one creature.  However, as far as cost efficiency, the Serra Angel definitely rates high on the list.  For five mana, you get a 4/4 creature with flying.  On top of that, it doesn't have to tap to attack.  This is huge considering you can serve and block with it in a lot of cases.  Also, when you take the flametongue kavu out of the equation, Serra Angel is still a very strong creature.


Serra Angel is a good start to Card of the Day.  Its classic Magic, and synonymous with the game.  For reputation sake, and for the old school, its a 5.  In today's environment, its a 3 in Constructed, and 5 in limited.  Many cards have surpassed the quality of the most beautiful lady in Magic, but I'll always place bets on her causing your opponent to be a bit worried.


Rating:  ****

Undercosted big fliers in the new standard environment are good.  The 4 defense is especially significant with all the removal cards like Urza's Rage and Volcanic Hammer dealing only 3 damage.

The only reason Serra doesn't get 5 stars is because of the 5 mana casting cost.  Constructed play seems to be still leaning towards aggressive 2-3 mana drops.  Serra is best suited as a road to victory in a control deck. 

John B

A staple of old, I unfortunately must admit Serra Angel is outdated.  In type 2 a white/blue control deck could play Iridescent Angel or Voice of All instead, and probably be better for it.  In other formats it could use Morphling or even Blinding Angel.  Still, there's nothing really wrong with her, so if you don't have access to the superior cards she's still a solid choice.  She definitely has a home in the White Noise deck.  Just remember to sing to her when you play her.  

"Serra Angel, Serra Angel men have named you..."  - 4


Serra Angel - Rating 4

She definitely gets points for being a classic (and cute). Not to mention that for 5 mana a 4 power flyer is a good deal. Add the fact that she doesn't tap to attack and she is an offensive and defensive weapon. That's enough for a rating of at least 3 but the 4 toughness also puts her out of range for most burn spells and mana of the flyers.

John Hornberg
Serra Angel (Rating - 4 out of 5)
Serra Angel is a respectable card.  Being a 4/4 Flyer for five, she has a place in any deck that runs white, and has the potential to end games.  She has no relative drawbacks, and is a modest card.  She has a place in every format, even Type 1, despite her limits there.
Her problem is that the “Kill it!  Kill it!” Theorem applies especially to her.  Once she hits the board, your opponent 90% of the time will go into “kill Serra” mode, and will try to pull a burn spell out of a solid green deck just to kill it.
That’s why I give this card a rating of 4.  She’s good, but she’s definitely not god.  There are better cards, but she is certainly a respectable choice.





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