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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Static Orb
(7th Edition & Tempest)

Static Orb

3, Artifact, 7th Edition Rare

If Static Orb is untapped, players canít untap more than two permanents during their untap steps.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 3.21
Limited: 1.92
Reviewed Dec. 27, 2001

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



Constructed: 3.0
Limited: 1.5

This card is great in constructed play.  It is pretty linear in what it does.  Usually a deck has to be build around this card.  If not, it has to be able to either manipulate it's permanents are get a tone of permanents to overcome the drawback of the card's ability.  Regardless, it has been a staple in many competitive decks.  One of the best decks that utilizes this card is the "Orbosition" deck that uses the combo of Static ORb + Opposition.

In limited play, this card is pretty weak.  If your deck is faster with more creatures than your opponent, you might consider sideboarding it in.  But otherwise, I wouldn't give it high marks for anything else.


This card was fairly horrible before it was erratted to say if it is untapped. Afterwards, it became THE prison card. In constructed where you can abuse tapping this bad boy, it provides severe problems for your opponent. This is one of the quickest ways to slow down a game. If your deck is slow in Limited, this is also a good way to keep an aggressive deck in check.

Constructed - 3
Limited - 2.5


constructed **
limited *

The "fixed" version of Winter Orb is just that... fixed! Static Orb has very few practical uses as it seems to slow your progression just as much as it does your opponent. Finding a way to tap the Orb so it won't affect you is easier said than done.


Static Orb. For years, this card was complete crap. As long as Winter Orb existed, Static Orb was crap. Truth known, it still is. Here's the problem, though. People like playing weenie decks that can win while their opponent struggles for resources. So, if you can't play Winter Orb, might as well try Static Orb. Seventh Edition also gave us Opposition, which combos quite nicely with Static Orb, allowing you to effectively lock an opponent down with enough creatures. This combo only existed in Type 2 previous to 7th edition for a mere 4 months - long enough for Opposition to come in, and 4 months later, Orb to rotate out. That was also in the dead chill of combo winter, making the combo quite unplayable. With the environment less combo friendly these days, this combo is now an effective, viable strategy in type 2. Without the Opposition, though, Static Orb is just not that good, as it provides your opponent as many resources as it provides you.

In limited, it's the same deal. If you can't tap it to abuse it, then it's not really worth playing.

New Constructed Rating: 4.5
Old Constructed Rating: 2.5
Constructed Potential Rating: 4.5
Overall Constructed: 3.83

Limited Rating: 1.0


No Review Today


This card is very rude, especially when it is combo'ed with another reprinted card - Opposition. This card is the side card of the combo though, and is for some reason doesn't receive the acclaim that it deserves (I come across a lot of people who are just starting to get good who say "Static Orb? What's that?) Despite that, it has a million different uses, and a million different ways to break it, so in constructed, I give it a 4 out of 5.

In limited, I see this card as being a fatal millstone on either you or your opponent. It just depends when you play it. If you have lots of fatties, and you're opponent doesn't then your opponent might as well scoop. If you play it when your opponent has lots of fatties or just lots and lots of creatures, then you're in for it unless you can find a way to tap it. So, in limited, I give it a 2.5, because it will go at any time, and will most likely not see play in any sealed deck.


Static Orb is to Winter Orb as my brother is to me. A retarded version of the real thing. The biggest problem with this orb is that you can't build a beat down deck around it - it only works in combo, because you can't create a creature rush if all your creatures are tapped down. With Winter Orb, you could at least keep untapping your critters and send them in for beats. This all being said, I love Static Orb, and tried many times to build a deck around it, always failing miserably. Of course this was before Gush and Thwart and Misdirection made the scene and actually made things viable. 

Static Orb is interesting, but not great - and only works in certain types of decks, ones built around it.

Constructed Ranking: 2
Limited Ranking: 3
Orb Ranking: Orbalicious

John B

It's a very interesting card, this Static Orb. It can be very powerful in the right deck, but that deck usually has a strategy that relies heavily on the Static Orb. It's definitely a card that initiates a lot of thinking on the part of the deckbuilder, and slows the game down, which is good because the luck of the draw is reduced, thereby making luck less a factor. Very powerful, and not easy to use.

Rating - 4






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