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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

(7th Edition & Urza's Saga)

Persecute 2BB, Sorcery, 7th Edition Rare Choose a color. Target player reveals his or her hand and discards all cards of that color from it.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 3.24
Limited: 2.43
Reviewed Dec. 24, 2001

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



This card gets a 3.2 in constructed and 1.8 in limited.  The main reason being that in constructed it is a great sideboard card for monocolor decks.  It is even decent against decks that are heavy on one color.  Also, if you are playing any kind of fast mana, you can get it early to possibly empty your opponents hand.

As far as limited goes, you either don't get it early enough to matter, or your opponent is playing two or three colors as it is.  

With Torment supposedly containing some more solid black cards, I wouldn't be surprised if this card shows up a little more in the future.


Persecute is one of the most undervalued cards in today's constructed environment. I think that the lack of Dark Ritual puts this card back to just good and not great. With Dark Ritual this card is devastating, giving turn 2 plays that made most mono colored decks play off the top of their deck for the rest of the game. In limited the card is decent and I'd definitely draft it sooner than later because I would not expect it to come back.

Constructed - 4 (4.5 with Dark Ritual)
Limited - 3.5


constructed ****
limited **

This card is a classic example of how the metagame makes or breaks cards. When persecute first came out during Masques Block it was house as the majority of decks were mono-colored. This baby combined with a Dark Ritual could strip the opponents hand clean as early as turn 2! In today's constructed environment Persecute has lost some of its luster thanks to Invasion block promoting multi-colored decks. Persecute is definitely a card to keep in your arsenal if your local metagame is full of mono-color decks!


Persecute is a great card - if it resolves. That is one of it's greatest issues in today's environment. First of all, Persecute is virtually worthless against an aggressive deck. By the time you can cast it, the odds are you might get 1 card of the appropriate color. Thanks, I'd rather have a Duress. Against permission, you almost never get to say the words "I choose blue". If you do, you're doing great and probably get to strip their hand of anything good. Unfortunately, again, usually it's just a Duress - either Absorb, Undermine, Counterspell, or Syncopate will be what you get. 

Unfortunately, when Dark Ritual left the environment, so did most of Persecute's usefulness.

I won't say much about extended, since we have the same problem, only worse there with such powerful cards like Force of Will in the environment. 

In limited, it's still trash. It will do next to nothing except turn into a very bad, very expensive Peek.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't think the card is bad overall. I'm simply stating that there is no environment at the moment that can support it. It's been viable in the past, and it might be again.

New Constructed: 2.5
Old Constructed: 2.0
Constructed Potential: 4.0
Overall Constructed: 2.67

Limited: 1.5


Limited: *** (3 Stars)
Constructed: ***^ (3 1/2 Stars)

Persecute is a really great card. In Limited, you want to have as many cards in hand as possible to allow for more flexibility while playing. Persecute really destroys this possibility. In Constructed, it gets better since decks are usually more focused towards one color or have gold cards that count as both. It's hard to do much when you have to topdeck cards for the rest of the game. The only problem is that on turn four, your opponent will either not have many cards in hand, not have anything worth forcing them to pitch, or they'll have some form of counter-magic. When Dark Ritual was around, this card was really good. Now it's pretty mediocre.


Persecute has always been a really good card. Unfortunately, it takes a really big hit in the play value department with the loss of Dark Ritual.It's place is more in many decks is the sideboard, mostly because your maindeck discard is usually going to consist of Duress, sometimes Ostracize, and in some decks Gerard's Verdict. Still, it is a devastating card when it is played, thus making it a 4.

In limited, it's kind of blah. Discard isn't all that good in draft, because the typical draft deck is two colors, if not three. Persecute may get some good stuff, but it has the potential of being absolutely worthless.

I say it goes between fifth and tenth picks in draft, and if 7th is ever used in sealed deck, it will usually make it into its decks of it's respective colors. I give it a 3.25 in limited.


I remember when Persecute was simply broken - in the right deck, that is. Necropotence decks destroyed their opponent's resources so quickly that when a persecute came around, there was no defense and it would nab 3 or 4 cards. 

Today, black doesn't have Necropotence, and it's not as easy to get things rolling without Necro to refill your hand and keep the threats rolling. Also, without Dark Ritual, there isn't the threat of a second turn Persecute ruining your day. In limited, persecute is just that - limited. Who drafts 7th edition, anyway?

Old School Rating: 4
Current Rating: 2
Limited Rating: 2






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