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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day



1R, Summon Atog 1/2, Revised Edition Common
0: +2/+2. Each time you use this ability, you must sacrifice one of your artifacts in play.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 1.79
Limited: 1.59
Reviewed Dec. 17, 2001

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



This card is pretty basic.  I can remember getting upset when I pulled these guys out of Revised booster packs.  Needless to say, they aren't very good.  I give this card a 1.05 in constructed and a 1.05 in limited.


The original. Atog was never unbalancing in any format but could find its uses in a heavy artifact deck. In Limited its going to most likely be a 1/2 for 1R which is fairly subpar. In Constructed the whole deck will have to support it to be any decent.

Constructed 2.5
Limited 1


constructed *
limited *

A weak creature with an even more pathetic special ability.  =(


I find this card to be very bland at best. If this were to be inserted into the current Type II format, it would not get anywhere simply because of the fact that you need to sacrifice an artifact when you use it's ability. The key problem is that there are very few artifacts that you would want to sacrifice, because they all either cost upwards of 4 mana or more, or are have an effect that is too beneficial to give up (Like Spellbook or all cards).

Still, he gets brownie points for that malicious little grin, and the fact that he's a classic. So, he get's a 3 in constructed in type II (If he were there) and Extended (I don't even know if he's there either!). In type I, I give him a 2, simply because he is not one of the select few that would see play, even though he has the potential to be a bombshell with all the 0 to cast artifacts. In limited, his rating would waver. He's terrible in limited, because in limited artifacts worth throwing away are hard to come by, and he isn't exactly the best 2 drop in the world, let alone Revised or Antiquities. So, I give him a 2 out of 5, just getting above a 1 because his ability is so useless in this format.

John B

I've never seen this guy do anything worthwhile. A 1/2 for 1R isn't worth it, especially when it's competing with very powerful cards that have the exact same mana cost. His ability is limited to the number of artifacts you have in play, and giving a little guy +2/+2 isn't worth the loss of the artifact. Rating = 1


Limited: *** (3 Stars)
Constructed: ** (2 Stars)

The original Atog has a place in many players' heart. It has been around for quite a while gazing at us with those big eyes and wide smile. This, of course, has no impact on the fact that is a really bad card. The reason it rates higher in limited is because it originally came from Antiquities, a set filled to the brim with artifacts (the set also brought us Urza and Mishra). This little guy could easily finish someone of if it went through unblocked. In constructed, you really have to strive to make him worth while since the deck has to be based around him.


Atog - the man who started it all - Atogmania! The truth be known, Atog really was never that good. When he first came out in Antiquities, he was kinda seen as a potential late-game threat. People played a lot of artifacts back then and had had the potential to come over for 10+. This necessitated the Atog to get blocked anytime it felt frisky enough to come over and serve. Today's environment, though, is quite different. The use of Artifacts is not nearly what is was, and today, Atog is nothing more than a shadow of the threat he used to be. 

In limited, he's even worse. There are so few artifacts to begin with, that Atog's ability almost never comes into play, leaving him, if he's lucky, to get up to a 3/4 at best - there are better creatures.

New Constructed: n/a
Old Constructed: 2.0
Constructed Potential: 2.0

Limited: 1.5






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