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Pojo's Book Reviews



Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day


Peek - Odyssey

Look at Target Player's hand.
Draw a card.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 3.57
Limited: 3.25
Reviewed Dec. 6, 2001

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



This is a funny card.  In constructed this card is not very solid, at least not yet.  In limited however, this card is great.  The funny thing about it, is that in booster draft you can generally pick on of this up as a late pick.  Not good enough to take early, but good enough to play.  In constructed there are simply better cards that let you draw or look at your opponents hand.  Not much motivation to playing peek right now.  I think it does have a place in constructed, we just haven't seen it yet.  I have to give this card a 3, with an extra .25 for potential.  Consider my rating for this card a 3.25.


How the editor comes up with the card of the day is beyond me.  Shivan Dragon then Peek?  Peek is one of the better one mana cantrips for limited that I can think of.  In the early game, this card is a quick cycle and you know what is in your opponents hand for the next few turns.  Late in the game it can provide valuable information before you swing for the fences, for example do they have removal, do they have Moment's Peace?  In Limited its probably a solid 3, something that usually is worth playing maindeck, but not a first pick in draft.  In constructed, its not worthy of mention most likely and only gets a 2.


Rating: ****
To quote my favorite childhood cartoon...  Knowing is half the battle."
Combo's EXTRA nicely with Meddling Mage.  Even without, I actually like this card better than Brainstorm.
Yo Joe!

John B

Peek, he! he! he! he! he!

Actually, this card is quite deceptive. It looks like a very stupid card - I mean, you only get to "look" at your opponent's hand!  Where's the fun in that!

Still, Peek is a great card because it is has good cantrip value. Many people say Opt is better than Peek. Not necessarily. Opt goes through 2 cards, but Peek helps to make sure if the spell is worth countering. Basically, they cast something, you Peek, see that they have counterspells, then you know not to waste the counters you already have.  Nonetheless, during any game you are constantly trying to keep track of everything you have solid information about (your hand, in play, graveyards, et cetera) while also trying to make educated guesses about what you do not. The most common guesswork involves what your opponent is hiding in front of her face.

Hence, Peek gets an unusually high rating of 4, because it is better than Opt in more situations than not.


Peek, the one mana cantrip that gives blue players the one thing they desperately need to help win the game - knowledge. 

This card is quite pivotal in the new "Peekula" deck, using Peek and Meddling Mage to know you're making a smart call with the Mage. Combo it with other Wizards and Patron Wizard, and you have a really strong deck that people are just going to have problems overcoming.

Any cards, that for 1 mana replaces itself at instant speed and performs a task which is at least mildly useful, like looking at your opponent's hand, it great.

The uses in limited, though, are not as good. If you have better cards, play them over Peek, as it's really only good as a filler card in draft and sealed.

New Constructed: 4.5
Old Constructed: 4.0
Potential Constructed: 4.0
Limited: 3.5
Overall Card Rating: 4.0


Peek - 4

As an instant speed cantrip, Peek already has something going for it. The interesting part of the card, of course, is the ability to look at an opponents hand. Overall this ability is overrated but it sure isn't bad. With the cheap cost of Peek and it's ability to be cast as an instant and it's ability to replace itself in your hand you are have a card with built in synergy. Thus, what should be just an average or okay card begins to look good. It helps conserve (and draw) your counterspells and is great for players who are still a little shaky on knowing what spells are a 'must counter'. Very playable. It may not be as good as cards that let you look deeper into the library but it is a perfect addition to your card drawing arsenal.


The way I generally consider this card when adding it to a decklist is the way most people see it entirely: air.  When you need your cheap cantrips to be instants and you want more than 4 Opt, why not just use Peek?  It's generally not popular because the vast majority of decks simply don't need it.  Deck manipulation in whatever form it presents itself has always been a downfall of mine--I love it a little too much, and so I use Peek.  

There is another benefit to Peek, though, and it's very hard to quantify, which is why it rarely comes into serious consideration during deckbuilding.  That is information-gathering.  There was much discussion of a Peek at the end of your opponent's turn immediately following your first, followed by a second-turn Meddling Mage.  You now have an excellent idea of how to use the Meddling Mage effectively.  This isn't necessarily the best use of Peek, but it is the most concrete example I can think of where its information-gathering's usefullness is obvious.  Nonetheless, during r opponent is hiding in front of her face.  This eliminates that to a great extent, and allows you to make your play decisions in a way that is better suited to the situation at hand.  This card will rarely come to the forefront and scream brokeness in your ear, but it would be foolish to underestimate it.

Rating = 3






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