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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Need for Speed

R, Enchantment, Odyssey Rare
Sacrifice a land: Target creature gains haste until end of turn.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 2.00
Limited: 2.25
Reviewed Dec. 4, 2001

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



I give Need For Speed a 3.  Some of you probably think that's a high score, but I think it is totally fair.  It's cheap to cast and get into play at just one red mana.  The ability is easy to understand and use.  It also has some uses in both casual and tournament play.  It allows you to get the necesarry speed if you aren't playing red/green (then you would have Fires of Yavimaya as an option).  I think it might be better for Red/Black.  Possibly ven Red/White.  Who knows.  This just might be one of those cards that doesn't even get a nod from players until Fires of Yavimaya is gone.  


Need for Speed is one of the cards I think that has the potential for breaking.  I don't know how though, and that makes this card not very powerful.  In sealed usually by the time you can start saccing your land with impunity its too late in the game for haste to matter, so NFS gets a 2.  Draft you might be able to focus on a really low curve of creatures and play lots of Reckless Charges, Rites of Initiation, and this beauty.  But you still can't guarantee you'll draw it.  Maybe a 2.5... and in constructed you might try the same type of deck where it also would get a 2.5.


Rating:  **?
This is one of those cards I wish I didn't have to make a prediction for.  It looks god-awful on paper, but so did Necropotence at first! 
This cards is similar to the vastly powerful Fires of Yavimaya but I don't think Need for Speed will see much play. 
I thought about giving this a 1 star rating, but I'm gonna Weasle out and give it 2 stars just incase it's the next "Necropotence".  =)

John B

With many cards that grant haste, you run into a catch 22.  You want to play the creatures early, but you want to play this before your creatures, as it will have little effect after.  Unless there's some extreme synergy, as with the Fires deck, creature decks would typically prefer that slot be another creature, and if it's not a creature deck then it has no use for it.  Now it does cost only one mana, but if you play it early and sacrifice a land every time you play a creature, it won't be long before you aren't playing too many more creatures.  The only purpose this card serves is to make it easier for your opponent to beat you.
Rating = 1


You know, people are going to try to break this card.  They're going to try to find some weird combo deck it goes into.  I have a combo already for it.  It's a 4 card combo.  Ready for this one?
Take Need For Speed, and rip it into 4 separate cards. 
I refuse to be long-winded on this one.  Need For Speed is total, utter crap.  Mildly useful in draft for it's surprise value, but what it can do in draft can not compare at all to constructed, where it completely sucks.
New Constructed Rating: 1.0
Old Constructed Rating: 1.0
Constructed Potential Rating: 1.5 (MAYBE once Fires leaves the environment)
Limited Rating: 2.0
Overall Rating: 1.375


Need for Speed - Rating 3
I'm probably the only person giving this card such a good rating (I almost gave it a 4) but that doesn't mean I'm wrong. This card is amazing in the right deck (although that deck can't be called Sligh since in a true Sligh build every non-land card can deal damage). Playing a swarm of cheap Red weenies your opponent can never successfully plan blockers with this card in play and this can definately shorten a game. It also allows your lands to function as a new type of resource and resource wars are where the game is won. The biggest problem with this card is that multiples are useless and if you only include 1 or 2 you will never see it. Try experimenting with a W/R build, use the Enlightened Tutor or Gamble to get it out sooner and then drop Mother of Runes and be able to use her right away. A very fun card, maybe not tourney worthy but very fun (besides it has a cool un-Magic kind of name).


Need For Speed (Rating - 1.5 out of 5)
Need for Speed is not a very good card.  To prove this, you need not look past the sets that are already out.
In 7th, we have Fervor, the same thing, without sacrificing land.  It costs 2 more mana than it, which isn’t too bad.  In Invasion, we have Fires of Yavimaya, which one ups both Fervor and Need for Speed with the fact that it was uncommon, gives can sacrifice to boost a creature.
Need for Speed will live in the shadow of both these cards.  At R, it falls desparately short of being a decent 1 drop for red, especially with Firebolt, Blazing Salvo, and Shock running around.
You simply won’t need to give any creatures haste that early in the game, and you wouldn’t want to sacrifice a land in the first place to give a creature such a limited effect.
Thus, I give this card a 1.5 out of 5, a generous score for a useless card. 
There’s better stuff to play over it, and there’s no point in waisting pressous land with a limited effect.  I'd no sooner Rage myself before I played this card.


 No review today.





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