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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Wild Mongrel

1G, Creature ó Hound 2/2, Odyssey Common
Discard a card from your hand: Wild Mongrel gets +1/+1 and becomes the color of your choice until end of turn.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 4.43
Limited: 5.00
Reviewed Nov. 30, 2001

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



Wild Mongrel definitely gets a 5.  Just this past weekend I was mingling with my guests (a.k.a. customers) and we were trying to figure out what the best common creatures of all time were.  I think after a group consensus, we decided that the order was Kird Ape, River Boa, Wild Mongrel, Blastoderm (even though the derm was up for debate in his slot).  When the Mongrel can rate in amny people's eyes as one of the best cards of all time and it is only a couple of months old, it has to be good.  It's ability to color change is almost as good as it's ability to grow.  I would expect to see Wild Mongrel in tournament play until Odyssey block rotates out.


Wild Mongrel has been hyped as one of the best 2/2 for 2 creatures ever created in Magic.  I do not disagree.  In every format (except maybe type I), this is a 5.  In a sealed tournament I had 3 of these in my deck. 
People looked through my deck and would say '3 mongrels?' and then give me an incredulous look.  They did not expect me to lose.  The games I drew one I did not.


Rating:  *****
Easy to use bear as it only requires one color to cast... plus it hands down beats 4 of the 5 Invasion Gold bears due to it's "free" pump ability.  Color change makes Mongrel immune to "terror" effects not to mention the pump ability makes it immune to most cheap burn.  Mongrel is a stick, period!

John B

The original Grizzly Bears are actually not that bad.  The only reason people don't play it is because there are too many other, strictly superior, cards.  This is one of those.  It's basically Grizzly Bears with an ability that's actually quite helpful at times.  It's rarely a game-winner, but it's a very appropriate choice for that two mana slot if you're playing with a significant amount of green mana in your deck. - 4


Wild Mongrel has single-handedly put Stompy back on the Type 2 map.  This card is absolutely amazing in whatever environment is shows in.  I actually believe it to be better in extended than type 2, but that should not diminish it's Standard Constructed strength.  Able to dodge black removal, most any burn spell, and still be a "bear" make it amazing.  On top of that, remember that it can always be a threat to "blow up" for 6 or 7 at a finish, making it very dangerous in both early and late stages of the game. In limited, it's still extremely good, and probably a pick 3-5 in draft, but not as good as constructed.  A definite player in Sealed if you were going those colors already, but not worth splashing.
Old Constructed Rating - 5.0
New Constructed Rating - 4.5
Constructed Potential Rating - 4.5
Limited Rating - 4.0
Overall Rating - 4.5


Wild Mongrel - Rating 3

Okay, this kid just barely missed the 4 rating and maybe got a 3 since the art work is a little disappointing (okay, that's not really a consideration). At 2 mana for a 2/2 most colors would want him although he is a little weak for Green. Pumpability makes him better although it will empty your hand. Since he fits best in Stompy/Stampy style decks this can lead to a quick lead but will often be useless in the mid/end game.  The best part of his ability, from the Stompy standpoint, is the fact that he is a color changer. This helps Green deal with CoP's and Pro. Green blockers that normally give the deck trouble. He also has synergy with graveyard recursion, Flashback, and Threshold cards (although not all to the same degree and not all in the same deck). Overall he is one of the more solid and versatile critters running around and should be welcomed in many decks in todays T2 and beyond.


Wild Mongrel (Rating - 5 out of 5)
This card has a big question attached to it:  What were designers at Wizards smoking when they created this card!?!
This card replaces Blastoderm as the common-to-get.  The fact that itís a 2/2 for 1G, and has the potential to get bigger by discarding cards, especially when you couple it with cards like Roar of the Wurm and Beast Attack.  You get the benefit of the flashback, and Mongrel deals more damage.
You also getting the benefit of avoiding cards like Wash Out and Hibernation because he also changes color when you discard cards.  This also means that cards like Agonizing Demise and Dark Banishing donít work.
This card ranks up there in excellence with Rage, Undermine, Absorb, and Shadowmage Infiltrator.  That is why I give this card a 5 (kind of a stretch, but I loved this card!)

Thereís nothing more I can say.  If there is a drawback to this card, I have yet to find it.


I LOVE THIS CARD!  A definite 4.  My very first booster draft ever was at the Odyssey Prerelease and I built a deck with two Mongrels in it and they kicked butt.  I also managed to draw a Terravore.  I pumped up the mongrels by discarding extra lands in my hand, and then played Terravore, which was by then a 6/6.  Since then I've built a standard deck around the same combo with some Thaumatogs thrown in for good measure.  I don't know how it will hold up in a tourney, but God is it a fun deck to play!  Wild Mongrel also works well in any Threshold deck.  Definitely one of the best commons in Odyssey.





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