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Honorable Mentions of 2008
March 5, 2009

We're finally done with the top 10 HeroClix of 2008, so now it's time for the honorable mentions that were considered for the list but didn't make it.


1. Gamora.

Excellent AV and damage potential is hobbled by her lack of range, damage reduction and mobility. In the end, the greater versatility of Nightwing, Dawnstar and Spider-Man JUST edged her out from my list, but I wouldn't be mad if you were to dump any one of those for her at #10.


2. Zoom.

Probability Control, high AV plus HSS with SP Flurry and a deep, untanking dial nearly got him on the list. High cost (50 more than #10's Nightwing) and low damage (requiring further point investment into Perplex and/or Armor Piercing) dragged him off the top 10.


3. Nightshade.

This cheap, Mystic transporter with the "look, Ma, no attack roll" damaging Smoke Cloud got crowded off as well.


4. E2 Superman.

Being an ultra-rare chase figure bans him from my list. Otherwise his sky-high stats, immunity to pushing damage and deadly, deadly free-action SP would practically buy him a spot high on the list despite his similarly high cost.


5. KC Superman.

Another chase figure that would otherwise blast a spot just for being able to Charge+Flurry and thus one-shot most nearly any fig in one turn.


6. Superman Prime.

Similarly, he has a deadly mid-dial SP that would gain him a spot on the list but for A) his sky-high cost of 318 points and B) his barely-adequate-for-the-points defense of 17.


7. "Watchtower" Batman.

Third chase fig to be denied a spot. Another piece with Charge+Flurry, Batman's addition of Indomitable, high DV, perma-Stealth and Outwit make him more than a simple beater. Total lack of damage reduction also conspires to yank him out of the running.


8. Starter Dr. Doom.

Great piece but a little bit too dependent on teammates to be truly effective at his cost. He'd likely make a top 15 list, even with chases included.


9. Mr. Fantastic.

"Inventive Genius" (+2 Perplex to shared keyword) is a mighty power that saw the stretchy one on many a cheese theme this summer. But that's all he has to offer compared with Chief. He's better in a fight (and he had BETTER BE, at nearly 40 points more) but that's it.


10. Iron Man.

As strong as he's been for me on the field, it's a bit of a mystery why he didn't make the list. I suppose it's his rather high cost compared with setmates Ms. Skrullvel and Namor. If he'd had 10 range or were 20 points cheaper (or were Indomitable), he'd have made it anyway.


11. Hercules.

Having the Charge+Flurry combo with Indomitable and being able to tote two objects aren't quite enough to offset his low initial damage for the cost. Another one who, if a little cheaper, would have claimed a position.



That does it for 2008! Next on the review docket, look for the completion of the side-by-side reviews of Arkham Asylum Limited Edition pieces and their Common rarity counterparts begun in December.

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