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HeroClix News, Tips, Comics, & More
October 15, 2010

Owlman166's old fashioned 400 point team (Unrestricted)


My team consists of:


(U) Dormammu (Critical Mass) 206


(U) Nightcralwer (Clobberin' Time) 83


V Pyro (Infinity Challenge) 42


V Hand Ninja (Universe) 17


V Lackey (Hypertime) 11


R Mandroid Armor (Clobberin' Time) 28


V Paramedic (Xplosion) 12


TOTAL: 399


Yes, I know that there is no taxi, or even a single feat card. I suppose that those are the only flaws in my team, but this is not meant to be in Modern Age format. And, as the title explains, it's really an old fashioned team. So stop flaming for a sec, and read the review...


Dormammu is the heart of the team. He is an incredible powerhouse, and in my oppinion, was the star of Critical Mass (Next to Surfer, of course).

With a 10 range w/Psychic Blast, plus a 12 AV, he can hit, and hit hard. He has a maxed out 11 clicks of health, and 4 clicks of Invulnerability, followed by 7 clicks of Toughness. Not to mention 6 clicks of Outwit mid-dial. True, his defense is only 16 for 2 clicks, but with the Paramedic's 8 AV w/Support, that shouldn't be to much of a problem. He'll be around a long time. Nightcrawler is there to zip around the field, taking out support, or your opponent's medic, hopefully. The Mandroid Armor can fling Dormy or Nightcrawler  into the fray, if necessary, and can add a click of damage to Dormammu's damage with the Shield TA. The Hand Ninja is there purely for his Stealth/Hydra team ability, giving Dormy an impressive 13 Attack. Plus, he can serve as an excellent meatshield if things go south. Pyro can throw up a barrier to provide cover for Dormammu, and the Lackey can serve as cannon fodder, (To block line of sight to Dormammu) or he can run interference, and basically be a pain. A Lackey, you say? ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Absolutely. With a speed of 7, he's not to be under estimated. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR OPPONENT. I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH. But I digress. Feel free to drop the Hand Ninja and Lackey, and add a feat card or two. I recommend In Contact w/ Oracle, and Protected, or spend all your leftover points on Fortitude. But, the choice is yours. Try this team out; If played wisely, and with a few lucky dice rolls, Dormammu will rule the board with his pumpkin looking, orange flame head.


(P.S. I haven't seen any reviews from RuoroniKJS for a while. Where's he been? He's my favorite Heroclix reviewer.)


(I would also appreciate it if you posted this review. Thanks!)


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