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HeroClix News, Tips, Comics, & More
Another 400 Pt. Team - Owlman166
October 15, 2010

Onto the team: (Unrestricted, Golden Age format.)


Thor (Ultimates)-186


Ghost Widow (City of Villians Collecter Set)-54


Nick Fury (Classics/Sinister)-63


Batman (Icons Starter)-47


Fortitude-25 (On Thor)


Protected-8 (On either Ghost Widow or Thor)


Automatic Regeneration (or Loner)-12/5


(My venue allows only 3 feat cards max per team, so I would use Automatic Regeneration on Ghost Widow, leaving 5 points left over. However, if your venue plays by the 10% rule, then I recommend Loner on her.)


TOTAL: 395 (388w/ Loner, instead of Automatic Reg.)



This team is fairly straightfoward: Use Thor to pulverize any opposition, and use Batman/Nick Fury to support him. Fury can snipe from a bush with stealth, while Batman can hide and Outwit at will, or move in close and try to snipe. Ghost Widow is, in my oppinion, easily the best support piece in the game. Hands down. She starts with a 9 AV with Support, as well as Poison. To top it all off, she is a flyer, and has an 18 defense! (Your opponent is going to have to kill her right away, or there'll be hell to pay later. How often do you have to go out of your way to kill an opponents medic?? What if the medic has an 18 defense, or 19 with Loner?!) AND she has the Arachnos TA. (The same as the Mystics.) THe problem is, she can be very hard to find, and she has only 5 clicks of health. Moving on; My advice is, use Thor and Fury/and or Batman to annhiliate someone very early in the game, thus forcing your opponent to come to you. If Thor takes damage, just use Widow to heal him. Nuff' said.


Questions or comments?


Email me at bercawje@my.palmbeachstate.edu


Owlman out.




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