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From: Emmanuel Dario Fernandez Arcidiacono [mailto:darioferni@hotmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 7:21 PM

Subject: Doctor Fate leads the way - Dario

Hi all of you there! Well, today I’m giving you an idea for a team with Dr.
Fate leading the way. I know this guy some fans out there (I’m not a FAN
myself, but I like him) and I know a lot of you felt pretty disappointed
when saw that his vet. was 155 and with such stats, and seriously, how can a

155 have a 9AV and a 3DV!!… But, there’s a way to make this guy respected.
For the team you need: of course him (vet version), 2 DEO Agents (exps.),
and any secondary attack of your choice. I suggest Vet. Hawkeye from
Fantastic Forces, as he has high defense, good attack, great mobility and
can hit hard. Perfect for the job. Also, ICWO to use on both Dr. Fate and
Hawkeye, and Deep Shadow (check it, you’ll see you don’t even reach the 300
This is how it works: You use ICWO to make his Defense a much more solid 18
and get him into the center of the field with the two agents(the agents
adjacent to the good Doc), pushing them to get that precious Perplex. Once
you’ve done this, you’ll have a much more respectable 11 AV with Psychic
Blast, which means all of the damage will get through. That’s not all, you
can make his damage a whooping 5 with Perplex. So, this means that with just

2 hits you can wipe out anybody, and you’re certainly going to hit: not
only you have the 11, but also Probability Control! Oh, and you can rely on
keeping those Agents, because this man has Defend, meaning the Agents have
both an 18 Defense; so opponents probably won’t focus on them but on the
Doc. Thing is, they’ll have to get through an 18 twice!! (‘cuz of
Probability Control). The reason of Deep Shadows is obvious: this way you’re

making sure he can’t be outranged. So, that was it. Hope you enjoy it.

This is Dario



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