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From: Casey Lewis [mailto:chainblade21@verizon.net]
Sent: Monday, January 02, 2006 12:17 AM

Subject: Casey's Top 10 X-Men Heroclix

Top 10 X-Men Heroclix

--Each of these heroclix have either the X-Men or Ultimate X-Men team ability, otherwise they are not officially part of the X-Men.

10. Marvel Girl (Ultimates)

She's not the best heroclix but has a variety of powers such as telekinesis, range combat expert, and flight (only veteran) and can be used in multiple ways like taxi, telekinesis, or bombing away for inexpensive amounts.

9. Soldier X/Cable (Mutant Mayhem)

Decent range and damage with Running Shot is useful. Soldier X also has outwit, and after a few clicks, he gains telekinesis and range combat expert. That works well either way; telekinesis a friendly character or attack from range for 4 clicks.

8. Orphan (Fantastic Forces)

For an inexpensive 50 points, Orphan has 11 attack and 2 with exploit weakness. Although he doesn't have many other powers, he's worth his price. Super Senses until he dies and never goes under 7 speed.

7. Jean Grey (Infinity Challenge)

Jean's an older piece, but not all old pieces are bad! Telekinesis for a cheap cost and 16 defense with Energy Shield/Deflection, which goes down low enough that most medics can heal her. Her veteran has support, which is a good secondary option.

6. Professor Xavier (Infinity Challenge)

He's not as good as the newer vesion, but still good enough! Professor Xavier is mainly a mind controller and has a high 11 attack. Leadership is worth it sometimes if necessary and for pieces with lower defense, he can make them have 16 defense with Defend.

5. Phoenix (Armor Wars)

Phoenix is only number 5 because she can be used effectively in a game where the amount of points is higher than her point value. Yes, she's intimidating, and will be a main target, but you still have the other part of your army to defend her as well as dish out on your oppopnent.

4. Phoenix (Ultimates)

This is the better of the two X-Men Phoenix's. Nova Blast would work since she has Pulse Wave and a high 11 attack, or you could just plain attack from range for 5 clicks of damage. Phoenix also gets Psychic Blast halfway through her dial. That's 4 clicks from range no matter what!

3. Professor Xavier (Fantastic Forces)

Here's the other Xavier I mentioned. He's expensive, but worth it in a high point value game. 11 attack and Leadership like his other, but afterward Perplex the Outwit! Keep him out of the battle area, but if needed, have a victim to Mastermind onto. Did I mention he has 12 range and 3 attacks!

2. Nightcrawler (Clobberin' Time)

Nightcrawler didn't win this one. The 2 damage is what kept him back. Of course, Perplex is applicable, but after Nightcrawler is hit hard once, he's weak. But his defense is too high for the medics to always get a heal in. There are good qualities of Nightcrawler, too! Hypersonic Speed with 14 speed and 18 defnese with Super Senses are excellent!

And finally...number 1...

1. Havok (Mutant Mayhem)

By far Havok is amazing. Of course, he's not the best attacker ever, but for 44 points you get 4 damage, 10 attack and 16 defense. Leadership can be useful sometimes and Havok has Energy Shield/Deflection, upping 16 to 18. At the end of his dial is Pulse Wave, which can come in handy if you're ever teamed up on.

~~My email is Chainblade21@aol.com. Please no flames.

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