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HeroClix News, Tips, Comics, & More

Necro-M's Top 35 Wildcard Figures

Top 35 Wildcard Figures

Mary Jane Watson (Pog) - cheap/abusable in multiples V Dr. Strange (FF) - a great offense/def piece REV Taskmaster - low points with great offense U Peter Parker (Ult) - great stats with incap up front V Spiderman (Ult) - great powers, stealth really helps Exp Spiderman (Starter) - great attack for points REV Jinx - PC, Psyblast, Phasing.. just an amazing piece E Black Cat - great mobility, harasser Drake Burroughs - great damage w/ RS REV Wildfire - great damage w/ RS, secondary attacker Prometheus - nice defense but needs stealth V Spiderman (CM) - great variety of options V Spiderman (MM) - great variety of options V Cloak - Poison, great tie-up/harasser piece V Silver Sable - MM with great attack and powers V Dagger - RS + PsyBlast and SS, needs stealth V Iron Fist - amazing attack with different options V Hellboy - changes from range to close combat U Hellboy - nice stats with lots of powers R Submariner - long useful dial with decent stats EV Annihilus - costly but with great stats Spiral - flurry/BCF with nice stats for points E Rasputin - great secondary attacker V Daredevil - fragile once hit but nice package Nyeun Chun Ti - great offense figure REV Persuader - great offense figure REV Doombot - great taxi w/ options Clint Barton - great harasser E Ultron - great offense/defense but costly U Hulk (CM) - great offense but costly Manticore - nice variety of powers Positron - support with 17 defense w/ options REV Live Wire - great point filler, taxi w/ options E Firestar - poor stats for points w/ poison R Brainiac 5 - poor offense but w/ outwit

Sorry if I left anyone out. Please no flames.


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