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HeroClix News, Tips, Comics, & More

Necro-M's Top 35 Range-Focused Figures

Top 35 Range-Focused Figures

REV Firelord - amazing power + def. for points KC Green Lantern - KC TA, 20 Defense, RS, high att/dmg Amazo - Trickshot target, HSS + high att/dmg V Green Lantern - Nice Defense, GL TA, RS, TK U Thor (Ultimates) - amazing for points V Superman (Icons) - amazing up-front stats (high
EV Green Arrow - multi-target incap + nice attack + RCE V Mandarin - 12 range with MC, great stats EV Ghost Rider (FF) - PsyBlast + RS, great stats Dr. Doom (FF) - WC, RS + PW, Nova Blast Target U Brainiac (Icons) - RS + PW w/ 5 dmg, Nova Blast target U Iron Man (Ultimates) - amazign for points U Phoenix (Ultimates) - RS + PW U Magneto (Ultimates) - great offense for points w/ imperv.
U Magneto (Zorn Sendaway) - nice att/dmg w/ TK V Dr. Strange (Infinity) - WC with lots of powers Vet Havok - 4 dmg, 16 + ESD def.
V Hawkeye (FF) - transporter, TBolt target, good powers Black Queen (MM) - RS + Psyblast, 16 def w/ ESD RE Blackfire - nice attack, multi-target w/ high dmg V Nightwing - mult-target incap, stunning blow target E Pyro - great defense + barrier + RCE EV Boomerang - EE with multi-target V TO Morrow - nice offense piece EV Bullseye - cheap ranged threat V Green Goblin (FF) - good damage w/ nice powers V Human Torch (FF) - good damage w/ RS, FF Feat target EV Obsidian - nice att/defense w/ SS, psy-blast, phasing Alex Summers - good dmg/att/def for points R Sinestro - great powers for points REV Dagger - RS + Psyblast, SS V Moonstar - RS + Psyblast (a tad bit expensive) LE Annihilus - RS + PW EV Blizzard - RS + PW E Cyclops (Ultimates) - 4 damage with RS

Sorry if I left anyone out. Please no flames.

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