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Necro-M's Top 25 Utility Figures

Top 25 Utility Figures (Unranked by Category)

(6) Support

REV Paramedic - best cost-to-stats ratio for medic R Easy Company Medic - great for DC universe EV Checkmate Medic - medic w/ options, harasser R Intergang Medic - outwit TA medic Jane Foster - willpower medic, hard to find Xorn - high att., medic for high-cost games

(5) Defense (Support/Barrier)

Sue Storm - stealth, barrier / FF Feat Abuse R Invis. Girl - inexpensive 18 def. w/ support Positron - Support + WC w/ options V Avalanche - PW + Barrier with nice range REV Pyro - pushable barrier + Nice Damage/Attack

(6) Mobility (TK/Taxi)

R Jean Grey - ESD
REV Lockjaw - Harasser/Super-Taxi
R Songbird - TBolt + Nice Damage
R Mandroid Armor - Shield TA
E Wasp (Starter) - GL w/ TBolts
R Polaris - 4 Damage

(3) PC
R Jinx - Mobile with PsyBlast
R Domino - stealthed harasser w/ SS
RV Destiny - Free Movement

(5) Misc
The Red Hood - Enhancement/Harasser
R U-Men - Enhancement/MM Fodder/Harasser R Moloid - Tie-Up/Harasser R Con Arist - cheap Perplex Oracle - ICWO Card, TA, Outwit/Perplex

Honorable Mentions:

Alicia Masters - great tie-up with Sue Storm Jarvis - 9 pts for any TA but no other use Hydra Medics - Hydra TA + support (def. too low) Shield Medic - Shield TA + support (def. too low) Booster Gold - higher defenses make him less useful Rok Vulture - mere-taxi's are no longer viable R Avalanche - 4 range really stifles his use

Sorry if I left anyone out. Please no flames.


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