From: Sandra []
Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2005 10:14 AM
Subject: Tyrteen's Heroclix top ten best heroclix in all of the universe.


This is my top ten heroclix that has lots of powers that help your team, and can hold there own in a fight.


10.UltraHuminite, U

This guy is pretty darn good. He Has Outwit, Telekinesis, Leap/climb ,And is fairly strong having 3-2 damage for almost all of his clix.I like that he can move people, while stopping oppenents powers. Its a good combo. And he costs A mere 80 points.


9.Marrow, V

One of my personal faves, Shes strong, Has BCF, super senses,  can move fast, is an x dude Has 6 range and can shoot two people at once.10 attack on the first click. And regeneration at her last click. All for 47 points!


8.Raven REV.

She is like God. She heals. She lets you try again. She protects you with barriers. She can walk through walls. She has a range of 8, Gets to regenerate later on. And is great for 50- 70 points!



I dont care, hes good. He is the best RC person eva! He has RCE 10 range can shoot two people at once, Has 18 defence, 11 attack , he has barrier, + telekinesis, Gets defend later when he has 17 defence. For 122 points. Its worth it.


6.Nightmare. U

HEs great just kickum great. There is a lot of powerin here. 14 attack, great defence, ENHANCMENT,  but sadly no range. But thats ok in his high speed. He gets Steal Energy later as well. I luv em!


5.Thanos. U

Doesnt have any special powers, doesnt need them. Kicks  So much Booty! His stats are amzing. He could almost rake down Galactus, Well, maybe not....Yeah, he cant, but its so close, I can smell it.


4. Firelord.REV

Just like ... Its so good, they banned it from tourneys. I have a Rookie that is so stong Its not funny at all. I dont need to list its stats, it just good, so get 1 for playing your friends.



The kingdom Come Batman is the coolest thing ever. Its EXPENSIVE but very good. And looks cooll as well. ITs as good as any other piece, its just to much to buy.


2.Mandarin V

He is Awsome ! Hes has mind control, out wit,Has 12 RANGE! can shoot two people at once, Gets RCE Will power, Barrier, the works. A great  Click.


1. Gladiator U

 My favorite and in my opinion best click of all time.Running shot, 14 movment, Super strength, 12 attack, Impervious, 17 defence, 4 attck with RCE and 10 range. Thats Six damage! Then later he gets charge with CCE. And he has only 1 ko slot on his dial. He costs 205 points, but its worth it for this God of a click.


Thats my list, e-mail me if you think  somthing should be changed. I  Will  write more of these later.