Spideyioa06's Heroclix Top 10 List - Top 10 Spidey Villains


Note that these figs don't have to have the Sinister Syndicate team ability, but just have to be an "enemy" (at one point or another) of Spider-Man in the comics. All the figs below are considered to be the Veteran or Unique versions of the character, unless when noted. Also, you could argue that almost every villain in the marvel universe was an "enemy" of Spidey, but I'm just listing the main ones. Also, I'm rating these figs based on how they would fair against a Spidey fig, not in a high stakes 400 point tournament game.



10. Scorpion (XP) - The best thing about this guy is that he has a range of 8. But not much else.... You get only one click of incapacitate, and a pretty low defense. Not to mention you have more 1 click damage slots than 2 click damage slots.


9. Rhino (CM) - Although kinda pricy, Rhino has the ability to do 5 damage right off the bat, which is nothing to sneeze at. The low (or, high, i should say) placing is mostly a result of his low AV and low DV. Still, he makes the list because Spidey usually has a hard time with invulnerability.


8. Doctor Octopus (CT) - I really like this guy.  He has two ranged targets, with a range of six. He has good movement, and can go anywhere with leap/climb. His best powers, however, are most likely perplex and willpower.  To round it out, he costs a measly 66 points.


7. Lizard (ULT) - Lizard is devastating in close combat. With B/C/F and Toughness, he can rip up a lot of people. He also has free movement with L/C, and can regenerate later on in the dial. Because most versions of Spidey don't have big range, you can move in quickly with this guy.


6. Sandman (CT) - Ok, the Vet version is on the Spidey Team, but so what? I like this guy's high starting damage and his invulnerability. Although plasticity may be useless in most situations, Trick Shot makes this guy a lot better.


5. Mysterio (ULT) - This guy starts out with stealth, super senses, and outwit. This can be a deadly combination, but I didn't put him any better because he drops fast and isn't all that hard to hit. But if you can keep him healthy, he can screw up your opponent's figs.


4. Bullseye (IC) -This guy is a ranged beast. With two targets at 10 range, energy shiled, RCE, and an attack of 11, he can take out a lot of people at range. The only reason he didn't get a better rating is because if he's based, there's not a whole lot he can do. And Spidey can usually go wherever he wants to quickly, so basing this guy isn't a big problem.


3. Kraven (CM) - Whoa mama. This is a Mysterio on steroids. His first two clicks have both stealth and outwit, with both clicks having a damage value of 3. He also has incapacitate all the way down the dial, with a high defense value with toughness at the start. This guy is a Spider hunter for sure.


2. Venom (CM) - This guy has the complete package. 9 clicks of health, L/C all the way down, 5 clicks of super strength, 4 clicks of B/C/F, 5 clicks of toughness, 2 clicks of perplex and 2 clicks of outwit, and a range of 4. This guy can do a lot of things. He can do up to 5 damage on turn two, he can help out a fig with perplex, he can escape with L/C, and he can take a couple of shots because of toughness. Venom is a near-perfect opposite for Spidey, and is one of the best AEs ever. However, he barely misses the #1 slot to a more psychotic symbiote............


1. Carnage (ULT) - Ok, I may be a little biased here, as Carnage is my fav. spidey villain of all time. However, there ARE some things that push him past Venom and the others. First of all, he has a more consistent speed value. His lowest speed is 7, and for only one click. Next, he starts out with B/C/F, which I prefer, because you can do a lot of damage multiple times, not just once every three or four turns, like with super strength. Also, I like the starting defense value of 17 with toughness. Since you don't need to perplex up your damage because of B/C/F, you can perplex up your range, speed, or defense (which would make it 18 with toughness, ouch). Also, to round it out, Carnage has the coolest sculpt, hands down.



Well, that's my Top 10 Spidey Villains. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks


-Spideyioa06 (