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Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2005 4:36 AM

Subject: Jared's Heroclix Top 10 Marvel Wishlist


10. Forgotten One. The Eternals' best brawler, a former Avenger, could hang with Thor...

he's in. Please don't call him Gilgamesh.


9. Mordred the Mystic. Possibly the coolest looking mage in comics history, Mordred

was seriously powerful with a broad range of abilities.


8. Speedfreak. From the Hulk comic. Hypersonic Speed with B/C/F. He'd cut

through an army of Whirlwinds.


7. Jack Of Hearts. A multiple targeting energy exploding ranged cannon that

is bulletproof? You know you want...


6. Shaman. The mystic of Alpha Flight also had a wide range of powers, which

should translate into a very playable click.


5. Thundra. She was such a physical force, taking on the FF, the Avengers;

her main weapon was a huge chain.


4. Hyperion. Let's get this Squadron Supreme avalanche started. Marvel's

Superman archetype.


3. Black Bolt. A powerhouse with far more variety to his abilities than a mere

brick. Can a click have Pulse Wave for their entire dial?


2. Hellstorm. A mystic cannon with B/C/F and offensive capabilities. Opponents

would prefer to call him the Son of Satan.


1. Valkyrie. Sword-wielding b*+t-kicking bad mama-jama from the Defenders.

Super-Strong magic spear magic sword - where is she?


This was sent before the roster of Marvel's Fantastic Forces was released.