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Dario's HeroClix Top Ten Worst Powers

So, here it goes:

10)Flurry - This power is good, but as with Regeneration, it usually comes at the end of the dial, when your attack values and damage are very low...
other than that, it's great :/

9)Leadership - Don't get me wrong, by no means this is cr#p, but it certainly isn't very good... you get a 50% of getting an extra action... I don't know about you, but i rarely have the need of an extra action in my teams...

8)Enhancement - Not that bad, but not nearly as good as CCE, RCE, and even Perplex, because of the requisites for this power to work.

7)Regeneration - When i heard about this one i became really excited, i thought "self healing, back to the best clicks... has to be cool..." but it isn't, at all... given the fact that you must substract 2 from the roll you make, this power only means something if you get a 4, 5, or 6... that's 50% of getting anything JUST DECENT (good is 6, and SOMETIMES 5) Couple this with the fact that this ability usually comes at the very end of the dial, and you get a most unuseful power, because you will be hit pass those clicks and straight to the k.o. most of the time, and when your not, chances are even a 6 won't leave your character in a good enough shape to face your opponent :/

6)Energy Explosion - Not a bad power, definetly has some uses, like when your opponent is going with a turtle formation, maybe against Mastermind with pogs or weak characters (like Lackeys), or if he keeps cops around for a higher attack... but thing is, most characters will have some of this:
impervious, invulnerability, toughness (all mean a big 0 for you) and even super senses can be annoying... all of this makes an average ability seem pretty useless for a lot of situations... :/

5)Mastermind - This power isn't bad... but it ain't good ether (it is not avoiding an attack o decreasing damage, just redirecting it). It's the condition of needing a teammate adjacent to use it what killsit... i mean, moving two or three pieces together may not be th best... you become an easy target for Energy Explosion, and in fact for general swarming...

4)Steal Energy - Healig is cool, but one single click doesn't cut it. It could be of some use (the power) if it appeared at the beginning of the dial, but at the end (where it usually shows up) is pretty useless, as you only get to heal back to a almost useless click, but you don't have Steal Energy, so you're stuck. So, all in all, sucks

3)Combat Reflexes - I still don't get what good is this power...
seriously... it's so bad, i don't think i need to say anythign, right?

2)Shape Change - This one is bad. Not only does it need a 6 to work (pretty slim chances of avoiding the hit) but also, and unlike other defensive powers(super senses, toughness, invulnerability, impervious), your opponent gets to try against other member of your team!! how good is this??!!

1)Force Blast - Well, is there a need to say much here? No damage unless really lose to a wall (and you better have a decent natural damage), costs an action to use, and it's useless against opponent with Charge (and, of course, with range) So, it's useless against 90% of playable characters...
are you kidding me??

I didn't include in the list Battle Fury and Earthbound beause those powers are meant to slow down, make weaker a charcter, and the idea is to see which powers that attempted to be useful are bad (or not so good)



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