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 From: [mailto:mark_g_goddard@hotmail.com]
Sent: Friday, July 29, 2005 7:15 PM

Subject: Crispin's HeroClix Top 10 List - Top 10 inexpensive figures

Hello Orlando, FL and Killeen, TX!!!
Ok, all these are relatively low priced on Ebay(and easy to find) but great figs every new player should get.
REV = rookie, experienced, and Veteran

10) Bullseye (V) - RCE and a range of 10 for 43 points is always nice Tied at 10 is Deathstroke the low point swiss army knife of heroclix (his price is rising is sometimes high though).

9) Aquaman (REV) - low points but you get leadership, super strength, and 3 damage. The JLA team doesn't hurt either. Basically a low cost brick (like
27 points for the rookie low!).

8) Green Arrow (REV) - beginning to rise in price but 10 range, RCE, and Incapacitate for around 50 points.

7) Ulik (V) - CCE, Super strength, Charge, 4 damage, and invulnerability makes him one of the best bricks out there.

6) Con artists (REV) -- perplex for around 10 points (put 3 together in a game w/ lots of actions)

5) Paramedic (REV) -- Support is a must for me. I remember healing my KC Green lantern for 6 in a game and watching my opponents formerly happy face turn into what John Kerry must have looked like the night of the election (long and sad)

4) Hawkeye (V) - Ultimate Team Ability w/ RCE and 3 base damage to start, for 73 points!

3) Nightwing (V) - Batman team ability (wildcards can copy this and be very irritating), leap/climb, Incapacitate, 10 attack and 3 damage for 72 points are great. Add Stunning blow and armor piercing feats and for 92 points he is a monster.

2) Jean Grey (REV) - cheap TK and her V starts w/ a click of support (rookie version is like the cheapest (point wise) TK you will find).

1) Jinx (REV) - Wildcard w/ psi blast. Usefull in almost every game.

Honorable mention goes to the Legion of Super Heroes - at first look the aren't all that impressive but their points are fairly low and they have a great mix of powers.
If you have a little more to spend pick up Despero, Oracle (I use her more than any other figure), Black Adam, and Firelord (who is for the point cost about the best fig in the game but he is retired).
If you have $30 bucks and want the most broke yet active figure around get Ultimate Thor.



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