Subject: Sealed Box- James May
I figured I'd send you a report seeing as you have none.
Sealed Box (2)
Toy Mandala
Sherman Oaks, California
I had already purchased a case off eBay of Infinity Challenge, so I decided to continue with the Marvel trend and chose two boxes of Xplosion. Being content with my not "decent" pieces: Beast R, Paramedic R, SWAT Officer V, Mystique R, Madame Masque R, Meltdown R, and Shadowcat U. Being a 200 point game, I saw the need for Mystique's and Madame Masque's Stealth abilities. I threw in Shadowcat to be a taxi and Paramedic to heal with, and the Flyswatter for his SHIELD thing.
Round 1: Dean
Dean's a kid who lives across the way from me. I actually taught him to play a week or so ago and ended up losing to him. Why? Because of that freakin' Dr. Strange V he pulled.
Round 2: Brian
Brian's been around forever. He used to cosplay as Bandit Keith for Yugioh tournaments. I hate Yugioh or "Yu-Gi-Oh!" as little kids call it. More like Yugiohmygoditsucks. This game lasted about 60 turns. Of all, 45 were just us saying pass because neither of us wanted to move. In any case, he finally advances to me and I knock out his Sabretooth E because of a Knockback off the building. He forfeits seeing no chance of success what with that darn Stealth of mine.
Round 3: Random Kid
This match seemed hopeless other that the fact I won. Easily. He pulled a Darkseid U from Cosmic Justice and advanced toward me. Of course, being with Shadowcat on the indoors field, I simply used Kitty to move everyone except Mystique and Madame Masque, who hid in the bushes attacking his Conartist and medics. I won by beating conartist.
I placed 10th out of 20. I didn't win anything, but I got Kitty. Next week is a 300 point whoever the hell you want match. Cyclops, Vision, Savage Hulk.... kekeke. Iyay!

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