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From: Zach Nerpel [mailto:holynapkin@hotmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2006 9:31 PM

Subject: First Tournament Report - Hollow Golem

Hey.. whoever reads these. This is Hollow Golem from the boards, and I'd like it if you'd consider putting this in the Heroclix Battle Report section

on the Pojo mainsite.

Title: Odd Combo 400 Point Game

This team took, well, almost no thought. I was very rushed to build a team because I showed up late and, heh, had forgot to make one. So I thought back

to what I had previously used. Then a could idea dawned on me... and this was the result:

V Green Lantern (Collateral Damage)
V Joker (Icons)
V Clayface (Collateral Damage)
R Destiny
V Paramedic

At first it may look like crap, but it did alright considering I made it in a hurry. The strategy was to have Green Lantern Running Shot and stuff and use my own invented strategy of having Clayface and Joker sit next to eachother, Clayface on Plasticity and Joker on Poison. Clayface borrows Joker's Attack Value and bashes them and Joker hits occasionally. But the best thing is this: When Clayface is on Plasticity they can't really get away can they... and Joker has Poison... nice mix. Not to mention the Outwit

on Joker.

Side Note: BFC's are not allowed at our Venue


What I was up against:

V Black Adam
V Quicksilver
--Armor Piercing
E Flash
--Armor Piercing
--Double Time
Lian Harper

There was some other feats, but I don't remember.

At first it actually seemed that I would win. I moved the squad about six or

so squares in and sat in some bushes. He, on his first turn, ran away into the far corner of the map. I rested and moved no one because I was stumped.

It was a stand still until he DoubleTimes to the corner closest to me (conviently elevated to piss me off) carrying Flash. He, what he calls, "Janks" my Destiny and Paramedic within two turns. The rest is a blur and all I came out with was a Green Lantern and a dead dog.



What I was up against:

U Invisble Girl (No clue what set, has 19 defense) --About five feats I don't remember V Dr. Mid-Nite U Crystal --Nova Blast V Taskmaster E Black Cat V Cloak

Fantastic Four TA Feat Card thing. (The "Share highest defense" one)

Er.. some other stuff as well.

As you can see... this has wildcards. Plenty of them. What they did was copy

(all of them) the FF TA to get 19 defense. Yeah, I was real happy. Actually,

I was pissed. missmissmissmissmissmissHITmissHITHITHITHIT. That's pretty much how it went. First thing dead was Taskmaster thankfully. GL was rendered useless so it was up to the Batman Enemies to Gitter done. I had Crystal based with Clayface and Joker. Luckily, I hit with Clayface, and he misses a would-be game breaker Nova Blast. He ended up pushong Crystal to death and I won.



What I was up against:

V Green Lantern (Unleashed)
E Gotham Undercover
E Dr. Mid-Nite
E Dr. Mid-Nite
E Con Artist
R Con Artist
E Con Artist
R Domino
R Domino

Meatshield. About the third turn I killed the Gotham Undercover.. but I had to base his force to do it. They killed me. And Joker. And Green Lantern. I forfeited with Destiny and the Paramedic left. It sucked. What else was I supposed to do? 2 PCers, 3 Perplexers, and 2 9 attack Medics with Willpower... all stealthed btw.


This Tournament report was brought to you by Hollow Golem.


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