From: Blue-Eyes White Dragon []
Sent: Sunday, March 06, 2005 4:54 AM

Well, i'm fairly new to the game. Been playing since the summer, 2004. Havent gone to tournys but played with my friends alot, my friends from where I use to live got me started on the game. So I decided to go checkout out Heroclix night at a comic store called the Source Comics here in St. Paul. When I got there I saw that I was out of my league. They offered to show me some things and then we proceeded to play. I used a team consisting of


U Thor - Ultimates

V Dagger - Mutant Mayhem

E Batman - Hypertime

R Checkmate Medic - Hypertime (I don't have a good selection of medics to choose from)

E Con Artist - Xplosion

V Con Artist - Xplosion



I was doing ok at first, but lack of knowledge of the game got to me and I lost my match to a team consisting of


U Thor - Ultimates

U Iron Man - Ultimates

V Paramedic - Xplosion

R Paramedic - Xplosion

LE Invisible Woman



Boy did I get beat. But it was fun and now they invited me to keep coming back for me. The guy even gave me a few older pieces.


V Sabretooth - Infinity Challenge

V Blob - Infinity Challenge

E Thing - Clobberin Time

E Human Torch - Clobberin Time

R Blizzard - Infinity Challenge


Nice pieces, especially since I don't have them. Looking forward to future games there.

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