Name: Victor Yang


Location: St. Paul, Mn


The Source Comics


# of People : 12 or so


Date: 3-16-04


Wizkids ID: SuperVee3


Well this was my second tournment. Boy do I need some new dices. It was a DC tournment with Nathaniel Summers and Simon Williams as the prizes.  There were a lot of Legacy Batman and KC Green Lanterns being played. I played a team of KC Superman, V Green Arrow with Trick Shot, V Jinx, and Alfred Pog. I put Tirck Shot on Green Arrow so he could use it right away hiding behind KC Superman or while KC Superman was running around. Jinx for her PC and Wildcard to hide with the Batman Ally.


The first guy I played I destroyed him. All guys lived while none of his survived. The next guy though, had the rolls going for him. He had TK'd his Dr. Fate out towards KC Superman and rolled for his Psychic Blast and rolled a Critical Hit, then he hit me 2 more times with a critical hit on his Psychic Blast.


The last guy I played use LE Hal Jordan with Trick Shot surrounded by a bunch of little guys like The Atom and others. When time ran out, it was my KC Superman against his weakened Hal Jordan and some figures surrounding him. I was just gettin low rolls. couldnt even hit some of thoese 15, 16 defenses with Superman. ugh!


Overall it was a nice experience. Next week is a Legacy tourny followed by a Open tourny but u must use 2 figs that are arch enemies. Can't wait to play.