Unleashed marquee tourney report 4/24/04




Hey pojo, this is my 1st tourney report about my 2nd official tourney.


-Event: DC Unleashed Marquee[1 on1][standby=1victory]



-Prizes: Hal Jordan[most wins], Kara-Zor-El[most points],Cameron Chase, Raven LE, Mystique LE, Jean Grey LE



The day started off with me waiting an hour for the warlord and the rest of the players to arrive but that was okay because I had my favorite Green Lantern trade paper back. I was so excited, I just wanted to get it over with and try to leave that store with a Hal Jordan LE.

            Eventually an hour had passed and a total of 5 players entered. One guy pulled a vet green lantern and a KC wonder woman. The rest pulled Doc fates and some other useful mid value figs[brainaiac 5, exp batgirl, exp Deo agent]. My pulls were freakin awesome, I came to the tourney a w/ 5 out 9 unleashed unique pull record and I pulled 2 more out of the 3 boosters. Mettalo..and KC Supes!!!

            I was stunned, fear stuck every player[including me] as I created my team: KC Supes, HDC-rookie and Gotham undercover-exp.

            The first guy I played challenged me w/ his KC wonder woman, raven, 2deo agents and an HDC trooper. Needless to say I won about 300 something victory points. Meanwhile, the guy who pulled a rookie doc fate, the general, and hawk girl got a high dice roll and was granted a by. The other two had an all out war and the guy w/ the veteran doctor fate won by a hair, but there's no hard feelings, I mean they were brothers.

            So I ended up playing the guy w/ a vet doctor fate, exp cyborg, exp brainiac, science police, and an HDC trooper. We rolled for battle field he won the die roll and of course used an indoor map. I started off pretty nice I killed his Brainiac 5 and his cyborg[2 really big threats] and Supes took about 4 damage. What happened next puzzled every one. As many of you may know doc fate has 17 defense w/ defend while being able to taxi. This made his a very hard target for Supes because he always had a companion w/ the same defense. Any way long story short, super man failed to roll a  6 or a 7 about 7 times against doc fate. I got locked when Supes lost HSS and I had to choose between trying to break away or attacking, either way I had to push. And so came Supes 8th miss. I ended up taking second place while this lucky clixer took 1st

            Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn Damn damn!!!!! I could have won, I should have won! I know it seems Im over reacting but when you pull the single most powerful figure in heroclix and lose you would be upset too! But its not too bad I ended up getting a Lvl 6 LE any way, treaded for a vet GL and a exp anninilus. But the best news is the warlord has an extra pack of the same prizes[hal,kara,chase] and will hold another marquee just in time for summer, so wish me luck, Im gonna need it.


Lastly Id like to thank Wmnoe, Monger and J for teaching me how to play heroclix, I still learn something new from them every week.

 Tyes tourney record


4/7/04 1st won teth-adam

4/24/04 got 2nd place won Kara-Zor-EL

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