Tournament Report by Zaq


Title of my tournament report: "How the X-men Triumphed over Adversity and Defeated the Big Cheese"

I came to The Dragon's Lair in West Hartford to play in a tournament. I had assembled a 400-pt X-men theme, but was forced to upgrade quickly to 600 pts. Not to big of a deal.

Then I saw my opponents team. It was the horrible Kingdom Come Superman Cheese team! It kind of figured my paltry theme team was going to fight the only cheese player at our venue. But I prepared my forces, and I gave it my best shot. Here's the teams:

X-Men (and collected mutants): U Nightcrawler, U Phoenix (ultimate), V Magick, R Jean Grey, E Gambit, V Rogue, V Spider-Man (ult), R Destiny, E Beast (ult), E Wolfsbane, E Psylocke

Cheese: U KC Superman, R Pyro (3), R Destiny (2), U Xorn, E Paramedic (2), LE Matches Malone

Looked pretty unbeatable, right? Fortunately, fate was on my side, and I was able to send him home packing! I sent Rogue, Magick, and Nightcrawler behind the lines to attack his Pyros and Destinies. The climax came in the  following battle between Supes and Phoenix.

-Supes is TKed and attacks Phoenix, hits her but I make the SS roll (dumb luck)

-My turn! I move in Beast, he outwits Supes invulnerablility. I also move up Destiny and Gambit. Gambit perplexes up Phoenixs attack.

-Phoenix blasts Supes for 6 clicks with Psylockes enhancement. Psylocke attacks with blades, I roll a 5 (reduced by his toughness)

At this point we ran out of time, and I didn't get the victory points, but the battle was definitely on my side! The moral of my little story is, never be afraid to play a theme team, and never back down in the face of cheesiness.

As Tim Allen says, "Never give up, never surrender!"