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Pojo's HeroClix Site

WildWill has created a cool little Excel Inventory Spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet keeps track of your inventory.  The spreadsheet is in Excel format, and zipped to conserve bandwidth.    

05.29.04  "This spreadsheet has every Heroclix that I know of listed, with prices for as many as I could find, that's over 1260 Heroclix! If there's something missing, please send me an email or PM, and I'll include it with the next update!

The sheet automatically calculates the approximate value of your collection when you put in how many you have in the Have column. You can keep track of what you're trading in the Trade Column, and it'll automatically adjust your inventory.

And I've included a column that tells you if we've reviewed the figure on the Clix of the Day!"

This is an Excel Spreadsheet.  You will need Microsoft Excel to open this file (or another program that lets you open Spreadsheets).

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