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Dr. Strange on HeroClix

Want to annoy a DAD player? Here's how!!!

Hey folks, Doc Strange here from the Heroclix COTD's, giving you some cards that can really throw your standard DAD player for a loop.  Sure, these are not sure fire ways to win, but they certainly help.
Peten the Dark Clown
When he is sent to the graveyard, you can remove him from play to special summon him from the hand or deck.
Talk about a temporary stall card, but it also serves as a nice waste of resources for your opponent.  Best case scenario, your opponent has to burn 3 of his graveyard monsters before he can attack your life points.  On the average, you can absorb a shot or two, giving you not only some protection, but some decent deck thinning as well.  Oh, and he works with a little trap card called Crush Card Virus too.
Threatening Roar
I think we all know what this does, no better way to wipe the smirk off their faces when they use RFDD then to keep them from attacking.
See Threatening Roar
Light and Darkness Dragon
I don't need to say why he is great, I think we all know.  Some games I only won because of him against not only DAD, but also general remove from play decks. 
Never use more than 1 of him if you plan on playing him, but if you are, then you probably aren't running a DAD deck either.  If it is taking your opponent more than 3 turns to summon DAD, he can buy you a little time.
Destiny Hero - Double Dude
Sure, a 1000 attack 1 tribute double attacker is nothing to write home about, but his effect is what works great.  You could get lucky and get to attack into an open field, so that 2000 damage is nothing to scoff at if it happens.  When he is destroyed, you get 2 tokens.  Hello waste of DAD resources and tribute fodder.  At the very least, your opponent could waste a Roar of their own or a Mirror Force on him. 
D.D. Dynamite
With the speed of the standard DAD deck (and especially Macro), this card packs quite the punch.  Your opponent will probably have a lot of cards removed real fast, and this can be a nice way to end a game, or just to smack some major damage.
That is all for now folks, the quest to beat DAD continues. 
"Heroclix...they're cool, addictive, and available...the darn things practically sell themselves."
Need help? Email any questions to batmandx@aol.com


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