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Professor Xavier

(AKA: Genie of the light brown scalp.)

Fantastic Forces

Reviewed 07.15.2011


Hello, ‘Clix  fans! I’m Owlman166, back to bring you another raving review.  This time, the subject of this review has been plucked from relative obscurity. Let’s take a look…

The Character Description:

“Wheels” here was obviously designed as a fineness piece. You have to have a clear strategy in order to use him effectively. He starts with a speed of 5, an AV of 11, defense of 13, and a damage of…0. Yes, 0. Zilch. Nadda. Zip. (Insert any other word for zero, here.) On the plus side, he possesses a 12 range with 3 lightning bolts, MC, Incapacitate, and the Ult. X-men Team ability.  Comes with a serving of Leadership, Outwit, and Perplex on the side; No complaints here…

The Good News is:

ˇ         Has sky high attack and range value. One of only 3 standardized based ‘clix in the game to have a 12 range. (Graviton and Morgan Le Fay are the other two.)

ˇ         Can Incap or Mind Control  three figures at once. (I’d love to see the look on your opponents face as you Incap his “Warriors three”, rendering  them  helpless as your heavy hitter closes in.  *Evil Grin* Priceless…)

ˇ         Has Ult. X-men TA. (I seem to be repeating myself.)

ˇ         Opening click can really throw a wrench into your opponents strategy.

(Ex: Your opponent is fielding HoT Thor, and WoS Deadpool:

 Deadpool: You’re kidding, right? A little bald guy in a wheelchair?! Seriously?? Well, kick me in the schnitzels and call me howdydoo!  Thor: See, mine Heroclix ally! I shall fell the villains with mine enchanted mallet! Deadpool: Um, my common sense is tingling. Is it just me, or...(SMACK!)  “Ohhh...Someone get the number of the mallet that clocked me...medic...  Thor: Wha…? I just had some uncontrollable urge to...  (Thock!) Deadpool: “That one was for the tacos, ya big palooka! Give me 2 minutes alone with you and an epilady and I'll show you the freakin mona lisa!

The Bad News is:

ˇ         He has a starting 13 defense. This means that even bystanders can hit him most of the time.

ˇ          0 damage. Yeah, if you’re the last man standing, you’re screwed.

ˇ         If he takes any damage, the next scene shift will look, as Jeff Foxworthy so elegantly put it,  “like a pack of dogs on a three legged cat”. (No offense to cat lovers.)


I know this might sound over the top, but I have to recommend Fortitude. Either that, or Protected.  You really don’t want your opponent Outwitting your Mastermind, then one-shotting him for 99 victory points. Not cool.  

The Bottom Line is:

If you’re serious about playing the professor, you’ll need lots of Mastermind fodder. (Bystander tokens, thugs, and even Lockjaw  works well.) Also, have a decent medic on hand. Taxi him to a nearby rooftop, and start taking potshots. In high point games, the Prof. could even be your bait. Also, Don’t launch a massive MC attack unless you’re certain you can heal Xavier in the exact same turn. Otherwise, there’ll be hell to pay. Play him poorly, and you lose 99 victory points. Play him correctly, (and with a little help from the dice) and you can transform the little bald guy in the wheel chair into the most dangerous threat on the board…

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5. Wheels’ defense is what really keeps him from a solid 5, in my book. An overall solid support piece, nonetheless.  

Next time: A double review…

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