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Bane (R)

DC 75th

Reviewed 07.12.2011


Hello, clix fans! I'm Owlman166, and this is my first official review for Pojo, so away we go...


Today's review is... Bane (R) DC 75th ...(Ominous music playing in the background...)



And you thought your childhood was bad; Bane's childhood royally sucked. He was raised in prison, to take the place of his father. (An escaped South American revolutionary, who later turns out to be the villain King Snake.) Bane became a test subject for a new experimental drug called Venom. The drug enhanced Bane's strength and reflexes to superhuman levels, and he eventually escaped from Pena Dura. (The "Hard Rock.") Eventually, Bane gets the notion he wants to rule Gotham City, and engineers a breakout for Arkham Asylum's inmates. After 3 months of rounding up escaped Arkham nutjobs, Batman returns to the Batcave, exhausted...Only to find a 'roided out Bane lying in wait for him. The rest is history. Bane is the only character to date, BTW, to have broken the Batman's back, hence the Trait, "The Man Who Broke the Bat."


First off, I must comment, the old Hypertime Bane was excellent. (Still is, in my opinion.) Does this new Bane live up to fans expectations? Let's take a look...


The Character

Bane starts off with a speed of 7, attack of 10, def. of 16, and a damage value of 3, with Charge, Toughness, and Venom Pump. Basically, VP lets you choose 1,2, or 3, as a free action once per turn, and lets you modify Bane's attack/damage values by that amount. Wow...So on his first 3 clicks Bane can have Hulk level attack and damage. There's only a handful of figures in the game who dish out that kinda pain on their first click. Only set back is, you wind up taking that amount of damage you pumped up with. (Damn...) Well, as long as you're going to be bashing a figure with a point value higher than Bane's, I say go for it. Bane can swing for 6 damage, then swing for another 5 next turn. (He has Indomitable, BTW. No pushing damage. Nice.) That's more than enough to KO most characters. Just make sure you have some Outwit/Tk handy, as well as a decent medic. (And by decent medic, I mean 8 attack or more. E Dr. Midnight, LE Ghost Widow, V Paramedic, etc...) Mid dial, Bane gains the Photographic Memory SP, allowing Bane to use Outwit. (His trait allows him to ignore Stealth, BTW, as well as the ability to outwit two powers/abilities, on characters named, "Batman", or a figure with the Batman team ability. Double nice.) On his last click, Bane gains a click of Regen. giving him a chance (slim) at some healing.



Protected, Shellhead, and/or Fortitude. If you have the points, In Contact with Oracle can be brutal. If your on a map with tons of hindering terrain, Swingline would be essential.


The Good News is:

Brutal attack/damage values;

Trait allows you to ignore Stealth;

Gains Outwit mid-dial;

Has a click of Regeneration;

All around tank;

Awesome sculpt! (A+)


The Bad News is:

Vulnerable to snipers, especially on first click;

Takes damage every time he Venom Pumps;

Very slow;



Bottom Line:

TK and/or a good taxi is a CRUCIAL, especially for tournaments.

Bane's a beast meant for close combat. He's a finesse piece, not just a brick you can just fling into the

fray. He needs support and back up to be effective; on his own, he'll be target practice. With proper planning and execution, however, Bane can deliver a critical blow to your opponent's primary attacker, causing the balance to be

tipped in your favor. If you're running a theme team, screw it. Have fun!




4.5 out of 5.


Until next time, keep spinning dials, people!


(Up next: A female 'clix villain, one who revolutionized Heroclix...)


~Owlman out.

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