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Wonder Woman


Reviewed 07.11.2011

Rurouni KJS

wing indomitable symbol
190 points
Team: none
Keywords: Amazon, Ruler, Trinity, Warrior
Range: 0 x 1


In addition to the now-standard Wonder Woman powerset of Charge+Super Strength+good AV, her first Special Power, "Princess of the Amazons," gives her Perplex with a bonus for fellow Amazons on the first few clicks of her dial. Invulnerability is also a welcome sight.

Mid-dial, she upgrades a bit to Hypersonic Speed (only the 2nd time it's appeared on a WW fig). This is also when she gets her other SP, "Lasso Capture," which enables her to keep hit targets from breaking away no matter WHAT their powers are if she bases them.

But her best strength is her "Bullets and Bracelets" trait, which grants permanent Energy Shield Deflection and Super Senses against ranged attacks. That way, when she's on the latter clicks of her dial, she can use Outwit fairly safely, then Flurry foes to KO if they come in close.

Did I mention she's Indomitable, too? No? Just DID.

For nearly 200 points, her 17-16 DV and 8-click dial are a little bit under par. Her starting damage could also stand to be higher. She lacks some Justice League-related keywords.

She qualifies for BRILLIANT TACTICIAN, so definitely use it in Golden Age — especially with fellow Amazons. She can also use DAMAGE SHIELD on every click except her last.

Finally, this is a perfect Wonder Woman with all her classic powers — strength, speed, durability, lasso and her sharp mind — for nearly 60-points less than the 248-points Arkham Asylum version. Her high cost per click keeps her from getting a rating higher than 3.5 of 5; add a half-point if she's teamed up — or battling against — fellow Amazons.


The Good News is: She's got Indomitable
                                                Nice Sp's. 
                                                Has Perma-ESD. (Very nice.)
The Bad News is: Def. is a bit low for the 175-200 point range.
                                                0 range. 
                                                No team ability.
Tips: Have WW pick up an object, and smack someone with it. She's a brick. But you gotta be careful, don't get to cocky. She's tough, yes, but not invincible. Mid dial is my personal fav spot for her to be, ironically. The Super Strengh/HSS combo can really nail unsuspecting opponents, and the Lasso ability will hold a foe in place for a good beatdown. 
Bottom Line is: A very good brick. Get to know her dial, as you'll most certainly be playing against her. 
Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5. (This is Wonder Woman.)

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