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75th Anniversary Ed.


Reviewed 11.03.2011


            Sorry it’s been so long, fellow clix’ers, but I’ve been really busy with 2 jobs, college, etc… So today, we are reviewing Radoll…

Arguably the best tie up piece in the game right now, Ragdoll actually brings multiple strategic and nasty options to the table. The son of the original Ragdoll, enemy of the Flash, Peter Merkel Jr. was not born with triple jointed limbs, unlike the other members of his dysfunctional family. However, over the years, Ragdoll Jr. financed several operations to make him triple jointed, severally scarring his body in the process. Onto the dial…

The Character:

Ragdoll starts off with a 9 speed w/ Plasticity, 9 AV with an Sp, 16 Def. w/ Super Senses (SS) and 2 damage with Shape Change. (SC) His SP is called “Won’t let go”, which basically let’s you place Ragdoll adjacent to an opposing character who happened to break away from him this turn, or simply Leaped/HSS speeded away. In other words, he’s goin’ with ya wherever you go!

Nightcrawler: I’m taking you with me. Ragdoll: I Won’t let go! Nightcraawler: Uh, OK…

Raggedy Ann here has 5 clicks of life, and the Suicide Squad TA, which can really come in handy on certain occasions. After click 2, he loses SS and gains Combat Reflexes, enabling him an 18 def. up close and personal, where he should be. Ragdoll’s motto is: “I’ll hold him, you hit him!”


Entangle: Cost: 8

Opposing characters attempting to target the character with a close combat attack must roll one six-sided die before making the attack. On a result of 1 or 2, the opposing character cannot attack the character. It is not given an action token, but it cannot be given another action or make another attack that turn.


Entangle is evil on this guy. You have 3 one in three shot’s in avoiding damage. Roll for Entangle: Missed. Roll for SC: Missed again; Roll for SS: YES! Got it! Scene shift: *Opponent tearing his hair out*

The Secret Six ATA makes Ragdoll even more dangerous, enabling him to “self destruct” if he’s KO’d in close combat. For only 3 points more, Ragdoll becomes a ticking time-bomb…

The Good News is:  Incredible tie up piece

                                    Can deal damage if he’s KO’d

                                    Has the Suicide Squad TA

                                    Is only 49 points w/ Secret Six TA

The Bad News is: Has only 5 clicks of health;

                                    Not much wrong with him…


Bottom Line is: Ragdoll is the BEST tie up piece in the game right now, with WoS Sandman coming in second. Have some Probability Control/Outwit handy, and you can even tie down a HSS character. Played right, Ragdoll is the key to victory…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Till’ next time, keep spinnin’ dials, people!


My Signature      : KillerSavage: “Professor X will outwit your tea, and Nightcrawler will kidnap your scone.”


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