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Image from heroclix.com

Top 10 Figures of 2009

#4 - Venom
Hammer of Thor

Reviewed 02.09.2010

Rurouni KJS

From the pages of Thunderbolts and Dark Avengers comes the #4 piece...



boot symbol

73 points

Team: none

Keywords: Celebrity, Thunderbolts

Range: 4 x 1


DIAL: http://wizkidsgames.com/heroclix/gallery/



Not just his opening click, but his whole half-dial sports this killer power combo: Plasticity, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Super Senses and Shape Change. Added to his Leap/Climb trait and steady 9 AV, and you've got a piece that can get in the enemy's face and keep them tied down there and avoid attacks while dealing its own. 


The back half of the dial shifts to four more identical clicks: Flurry, Steal Energy, Combat Reflexes and Battle Fury. And with 10 AV, Venom has a fine chance of remaining on the field for some time.




His initial base damage is a bit low at 2, but that's more than mitigated by BCF. Battle Fury prevents him from being hauled off to the medic in a desperate situation. He's quite expensive for his chief role as tie-up. His keywords are pretty thin, too.




Venom is incredibly feat-friendly. Start with LUNGE to give him more flexibility in attacking swarms he's tied up. Or consider POUNCE to give his initial tie-up move some bite (his 2nd click being identical to the first doesn't hurt). Attack avoidance cards like CAMOUFLAGE vs. range or ENTANGLE vs. close attacks are tempting, but I wouldn't go with both. TAKEDOWN is beyond awesome on him. 




He's the ultimate tie-up piece, bar none. Only the Clayfaces come close, and Venom's amazing mobility leaves them in the dirt.


#3 is as good as Venom is bad...

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