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Crisis #100 SUPERMAN

(commonly called "Earth-2" or "E2" Superman)

Reviewed 06.14.2010

Rurouni KJS

After two full HeroClix releases sporting a quartet of ultra-rare chase figures, WizKids surprised collectors with only two in Crisis. But unlike the mostly fringe and specialty pieces like Supernova's Marvel Zombies or the supporting cast types in Origin, these were of the single most iconic character in comics: Superman! Do their dials iconic as well? Read on:


Crisis #100 SUPERMAN (commonly called "Earth-2" or "E2" Superman)

wing symbol

317 points

Team: Superman Ally

Keywords: Justice Society, Reporter, Metropolis

Range: 10 x 1






Man, where to start! He's got "This is a Job for Superman!", a full-speed version of Charge with a natural 5 damage! Better still is his "Leading the Attack" SP that gives him a free close combat attack every round, even if he's got two tokens...which he will, often, because he doesn't take pushing damage, ever (thanks to his Trait, which is uncounterable and uncancelable). 


His stats are superb -- even a solid hit for 3 (after his Impervious defense) knocks his DV up to peak 20, mid-dial! He also gains Hypersonic Speed at that point, making him quite dangerous. Late-dial, he remains mobile with Charge and hard-hitting with Close Combat Expert. But feel free to fire from range thanks to his Superman Ally team ability.


While he's quite the one-man-army, "Leading The Attack" also gives an AV boost to allies attacking the same target that round. 



High cost and lack of Hypersonic Speed to start means he could get swarmed by foes, and even he can't beat a well-balanced 400 point team alone -- not with less than 60 points of help. Also note that he WILL fight alone -- his nifty full-speed Charge bans him from taxiing help in or even using Super Strength. Worse still, his trait absolutely prevents him from pushing to HSS because traits cannot be countered or cancelled. 



FORTITUDE (or PROTECTED, if you must save points) is all but mandatory, as he absolutely cannot afford to take more than a click or two of damage at a time. Since you'll be in base frequently to use "Leading The Attack", try out DAMAGE SHIELD -- he can use it on every click. And if you have it, the ELEHA'AL VINE Special Object is highly usable if things go south.



Although he's as much a finesse piece as any tentpole, he is super, indeed. 4.5 of 5.

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