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Top 10 Figures of 2009

#2 -Nico Minoru
Hammer of Thor

Reviewed 02.11.2010

Rurouni KJS

"When blood is shed, let the Staff of One emerge."


Nico Minoru

boot symbol

84 points

Team: none

Keywords: Mystical, Runaways, Teen

Range: 8 x 1


DIAL: http://wizkidsgames.com/heroclix/gallery/



It's all about "Staff of One," the Special Power that can be ANY power...any power that appears on the Powers and Abilities Chart (PAC) that she didn't use last turn, that is. This makes her the absolute most versatile character in HeroClix.


Need some mobility for your team? Pick Telekinesis. Need an enemy power countered? Outwit. Need to push her to get out of the line of fire? Willpower. She already have two tokens and can't move or act? Impervious. Afraid of getting Psychic Blasted? Energy Shield/Deflection. Got an opportunity to blast a weakened foe? Ranged Combat Expert. Need to heal a pal? Support. Need to help a fellow medic's Support roll actually work? Probability Control.


And so on. Nico's AWESOME.




Aside from a pair of 9 AVs on top, all her numbers are absolutely sub-par--she's got the stats of a piece less than half her cost. 




CONTINGENCY PLAN, first and foremost. Saves her from having to use a power on boosting her attack or range. ARMOR PIERCING also helps her low, low damage. And, if she's with any of her keyword mates, RUNAWAYS is a fit. And, given how weak she is without Staff of One, FORTITUDE might be an apt investment.


But also note this: at least until the next set of rules in May, she can be equipped with almost any feat in the game because she can use any power in the game. Pretty much the only ones she's denied are feats that trigger off symbols she lacks.


Only a few feats really make sense to use, though. AUTOMATIC REGENERATION is an excellent choice for her to get up to two shots at healing the turn she picks the prerequisite power. And either MENTAL SHIELDS or COMPEL are great if you plan to use Mind Control.




Last year, The Chief made #1 on my top 10 list of 2008 for his versatility. Nico blows him away in that department. 


Yet she's only #2 for 2009. Who's the number one piece in Hammer of Thor? Hmmm...

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