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Top 10 Figures of 2009

Hammer of Thor

Reviewed 02.01.2010

Rurouni KJS

Hello, Pojo HeroClix fans. Again, it's been far, FAR too long since I did HeroClix reviews. But in honor of the return of the game, I'm back with a Top Ten HeroClix of 2009 list.





...wwwhich pretty much means a Top Ten Hammer of Thor HeroClix list. :)


But actually, HoT was absolutely packed with excellent pieces, so selecting these top 10 was every bit as difficult as in previous years with 3-4 times the sets.


So, without further delay, here's #10!





boot symbol

90 points

Team: Defenders

Keywords: Guardians of the Galaxy, Soldier

Range: 8 x 2


DIAL: http://wizkidsgames.com/heroclix/gallery/


STRENGTHS: “Galactic Marksman” is a fantastic Special Power. It gives him the choice to boost his AV +2 against a single target or his damage +2 against two. Coupled with his Running Shot and Sharpshooter ability, he can truly lay down some hurt at range or up close. Defenders TA shores up his Combat Reflexes-enhanced DV (assuming you run some higher DV'd teammates with him). His AV rises, making him fairly pushable. He's also got Leadership to aid the team (and possibly himself).


His late dial gains Stealth and Ranged Combat Expert to remain a threat.



WEAKNESSES: His 16 DV is pretty mediocre, and it only gets worse on his back half. If he can't find two targets, his damage is too low on his early dial. His dial is short for his point cost.



CARDS TO CONSIDER: CONTINGENCY PLAN can offset the AV penalty on his double-target option of Galactic Marksman. The KINETIC ACCELERATOR is good to boost his Running Shot range. And if you're not running him with any other Defenders, go ahead and put the powers-protecting GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY ATA on him.



IN SUM: A figure riddled with weaknesses nevertheless got a lot of support from readers to make the top 10 list because of its incredible versatility. Star-Lord is much better in practice than he looks on paper.


#9 is hardly a lord, taking us out of the stars but not out of the heavens...!


--Rurouni KJS

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